Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup

The World Cup is upon us and it is time for people like me with no interest whatsoever in football to fly England flags from their their houses, cars and person.

Mr Patel who lives in my road, claims that his employers have told him to remove the two little St George flags that he attached to his company car, claiming that they might offend... well they weren't sure exactly who, so they decided that it must be a Health and Safety issue instead. He then pinned them to a tree on the grass verge outside his house, so being a good citizen I immediately phoned the Council to complain about how offended I was. They agreed to send somebody round to ask him to take them down. He has probably been locked up by now.


Anonymous said...

And here in Bolton, it also includes your own car, if you have a car allowance.

It is the council, what else can we expect. I'm writing to the local councillors and my MP suggesting they might want to do something about this, as in getting whoever made the decision say exactly who they think might feel discriminated against.

No, forget that, I've just realised there may be some Scottish or Welsh people living in the town. That's who will feel discriminated against!

Fee said...

Anon in Bolton:

On behalf of 5-odd million Scots, I can be offended if you like. (I don't actually give a flying, but if it makes someone happy ... )


Dack said...

What is this 'football' of which you speak?

Anonymous said...


Someone has been down to the lost property office and located the missing common sense.

Anonymous said...

I'll lock him up if you want, I am short on my targets this month.

As for you Chalk; next you'll be wanting Christmas!

Lilyofthefield said...

I'm Welsh, but seeing as I live in England I fully support the wishes of the English to display their national flag wherever they like.
Then I go home and quietly weep into my World Cup pillow.