Friday, June 23, 2006

Rate My SMT!

Ladies and Gentlemen...

After the enthusiastic take up of the 'Rate My Pupil' post, Mr. Chalk presents for your delight:

Rate My SMT!

Same Rules as before_ rough locations only (although the chances of being sued here are far less than by the pupils, since that would involve an SMT actually doing something, which is unheard of)

As it's my Blog, I get to go first...

Location: St. Thickchilds School, Downtown

The SMT at our school are known as 'The Ostriches' .

'Senior' implies some kind of ability

'Management' implies control and guidance_the thought of which reduces the staff to tears of laughter.

'Team' would indicate a coherent approach to dealing with young Shazney and Dwayne rather than ranting at them before letting them off with their fifth final warning.


Ged B (History) said...

Location: Notiingham

My SMT are scared of the parents and scared of the kids. I have lost count of the number of kids who have done things that should have led to a permanent exclusion but have been given another chance. Needless to say they laugh at the naivety of this and carry on as they did before.

eyeseetee said...

In some schools the SMT are like the heart, nourishing the body bringing warmth to all. In others they are like the lungs, bringing life and freshness.

In my school they are like the appendix. No-one is sure where they are; most don't know what they do and the only time you do notice them is when they are a pain.

Ian T said...

SMT = Simple Moribund Terrified of parents.

lilyofthefield said...

Ours are about to have a strike on their hands so that should identify them fairly soon! More layers of leadership (I use the word in its loosest sense) than an onion because we're a federation, every fault is magnified and concentrated as it filters through the layers.

Anonymous said...

Location Yorkshire

Our SMT renamed themselves Senior Leadership Group and didnt realise that we all thought it was because they werent a team and couldnt manage!

Anonymous said...

SMT strut around with walkie-talikes looking important yet achieving nothing.

Anonymous said...

They say shit rolls down hill - does that mean there's a load of shit at the top?

Our SMT got a new head recently and it was funny watching them all having to take their heads out of one head's rear end, flap and flop around for bit and then try to put them in the new head's rear end.

Needless to say, every thing has settled down now and all are as unproductive and unaccountable as ever they were, busy with their latest pointless initiatives.

ironlung said...

Location - west of scotland

I made the mistake of criticising my SMT in our dept metting minutes - actually insisted on it being in to see of the SMT actually bothered reading it.

My head - an odiuous little pillock of a man - asked me if I had 'a minute, for word' after I'd visited to hand in a form.

There followed a 'telling off' which took me by surprise to the point where I failed to get a witness to corroborate his utterance of ,'you should be careful what you say, as these things can affect your career'.

I'd have though criticism should be addressed, not stamped out - silly me.

Not sure what the other 5 members of SMT actually 'do'. They cost the tax payer about £400k, so it must be pretty special I suppose.

At least they are uniformly inept, failing to engage successfully with either staff or students.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think I could do a better job - that's why I haven't climbed the greasy pole - but if I was on +£50k I'd at least try to EARN the money. Oh and not p**s all over my colleagues.

It goes without saying that I'm currently seeking work elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

SMT are so lame. What do they actually do? They are in their ivory towers pontificating from on high. They make me sick. Especially the senior "senior", her words manager. She is utterly useless.

youthleader said...

To all on, AKA Rate my SMT.
You are apparently complaining about your SMT in many cases "refusing to support you", adopting a "these are the rules like it or lump it" approach.
You all seem so absorbed in your quest to blame anyone rather than accept your failings, that you adopt hostility towards anyone you don't agree with. Please remember you are paid as professional teaching staff, and your juvenile bleating does little for your cause. If you lose you rag, you lose both your argument and all future credibility. I believe that any SMT making this point, is working effectively.
Granted, there is a shortage of quality teaching staff in the UK. Granted teaching kids throws up many challenges. Once you see these challenges as problems and adopt a vindictive or Tit for Tat approach, you are undervaluing your profession.
Kids are kids, you have to build a relationship based on trust and respect. It is only those that fail to realise this, those that try to preach, the "I'm big you're small" "I'm right you're wrong" misconception that both run into problems, and give quality teachers a bad name. Unfortunately you seem to be getting a taste of your own medicine from you Management Team.

Anonymous said...

In a school I once worked in, I remember a Deputy Head saying "A fish rots from the HEAD down!"

Anonymous said...

My favourite unpleasant former SMT
Location: The Wirral

SMT: sycphantic hench-men for The Lilac Despot.

Fue Saç Ekimi Doktoru said...

SMT strut around with walkie-talikes looking important yet achieving nothing.

İzsiz Saç Ekimi said...

My favourite unpleasant former SMT
Location: The Wirral