Thursday, June 29, 2006

A.D.H.D. = All Down to His Dad

Perform the following experiment:

Go and find a G.P. Ask them if they have ever seen a kid that they genuinely felt (as opposed to the hundreds whom they will have diagnosed simply to get the parent out of the room) had ADHD from a family which made them take regular outdoor exercise, fed them a healthy diet, insisted on good manners at all times, sent them to bed at a sensible hour and refused to indulge their every whim.

Now count the fingers on one hand and let me know which number is greater.


Anonymous said...

GPs cannot diagnose ADHD - they must refer children to a paediatrician or mental health specialist. It is a long and painful process for parents, as I found to my cost when my son was diagnosed.
I'd like to add myself to the list of parents who are trying to bring up their children to be healthy, well-manner, responsible members of society.
ADHD is a medical condition, would you be as dismissive of other conditions, such as epilepsy or diabetes?

JeanGenie said...

My husband's a GP_ they can and do diagnose ADHD_ but they usually paa them on to a specialist. I'm a secondary teacher and we've got loads of these kids running around. Some have got something wrong with them and should be in Special Schools (We've got enough on our plate as it is)
Many just use it as a 'Get out of Jail Free card'

Anonymous said...

If ADHD is a genuine condition (my personal jury's out on this one)and not just a fancy label given to children who do not want to behave well, then I am sure the number who have it is really very small.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's a genuine condition, however a paediatrician friend of mine commented that frequently what it boiled down to was that "lower class" children were "badly behaved", whilst "upper class" children "had ADHD".

Anonymous said...

The parents on our local sink estate swap tips on which GP is the softest touch for a referral to get an ADHD diagnosis. Then they can claim Disability Benefits for their little horror.

Lady Gwyn said...

I teach in a US high school and have for almost 30 years. It seems to me that ADHD and ADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder)has been a blight upon our educational system for the past two decades.

I used to agree with your assessment: ADHD students were simply undisciplined and had parents who were using the medical system to excuse their own laziness.

That is until my own son was diagnosed with ADHD in 1990.

I knew how we were rearing my son. He was taught manners and he actually used them. He was enrolled in football clubs (yes, your kind of football) as soon as he was old enough so we could direct his massive amounts of energy in a positive direction. We were always correcting his implusive behavior and when he started school -- his teachers lined up at my door (and my phone line) complaining about his classroom behavior. He spoke out of turn. He chattered constantly. He wouldn't stay in his seat. He would dash to the window to peer out at any passing automobile. He bothered his classmates. He was sweet and bright but UNCONTROLLABLE in a classroom environment.

He was examined and tested by a Psychologist that took over two full days and the end result was a diagnosis of ADHD. Actually it was All Down to His Dad or actually, in his case, his Mom. ADD/ADHD is inherited and while I am not hyperactive, I did have all the behavior problems my son did as did my brother and my father when they were in school.

Fortunately, for my son, medication and behavior modification worked and he is now in his third year of University.

I told him when this all began that ADHD was not an excuse, it was a reason and that he was given the tools to over come it.

I believe he did.

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