Friday, April 21, 2006

Rate My Pupils (or better still, just take them away)

In the news recently is a website called 'Rate My Teachers' which encourages disaffected pupils to post rude and misspelt comments about teachers who have told them off, complained to their parents or maybe even managed to get them thrown out of school. It also enables Heads to write nasty things about teachers who are always off sick and teachers to vent their frustrations with invertebrate Headmasters.

As I can barely find the Spacebar, let alone set up a 'Rate My Pupils' website, I will instead provide a place here where teachers can speak their minds. Stick to first names and rough locations just so I don't end up paying compensation to the little brat. I'll start the ball rolling:

Name: Shane
Location: St. Thickchilds School, Downtown

Shane is a Year 11 pupil and apprentice hooligan. He is a habitual thief, with the educational abilities of lettuce. When he plays truant the whole staffroom cheers.


Jane32 said...

Love it! I'd like to add one:
Name: Gary
Location: Not far enough away from me:

Gary is a Year 8 brat who recently told me to f*** off and the most I could get SMT to give him was an hour's detention, after his mother phoned in to complain that I was 'picking on him'

Jenny said...

Great Idea!
Name: Stacey
Location: North London Area

Stacey firmly believes that she can do whatever she likes in school. Unfortunately she is absolutely correct in this assumption as our SMT is useless too. She refuses to do any homework and attempts to disrupt every lesson that I teach her. Her parents can see no fault in their little angel.

Mick The History Teacher said...

Name: Mark
Location: Probably in some poor sod's living room, the little thief.

Mark nicked a teacher's purse at his last school and we ended up with him. Needless to say staff were'nt warned that he was a thief in order to 'give him a new start' His other desire is to disrupt every lesson he attends.

Mike from Maths who's had enough said...

Name: Ryan (You could have guessed!)
Location: Essex in the Sarf East

Ryan is a little shit who thumped a kid last week and broke his nose. He was chucked out for three days so he now hangs around the school gates shouting abuse at the teachers. The Head has said there is nothing we can do to stop him!

Pete (History) said...

Can't believe nobody else has done this_

Name: Leanne
Location: Should be Borstal

Leanne has a record of bad behaviour as long as your arm and recently told a colleage from my Dept to F. off_ the Head promised to permanently exclude her until mother turned up to school with a solicitor, claiming racism. Head backs down and she is given a 'final chance' A shambles, but I've heard similar tales from other sources.

Suzanne said...

Name Adam
Location North West

Adam has discovered where I live and has taken to spending the summer evenings throwing stones at my windows. My crime was to attempt to teach him some Geography.

Anonymous said...

Name Andrew
Location North London

Andrew has been virtually uncontrollable since he joined our school three long years ago. He regularly swears directly at staff, has been involved in numerous fights, beat up a younger pupil and has been in trouble with the police (although nothing ever seems to come of this) over several major incidents. He has now complained to the Head that I 'pick on him'

The Head is determined not to exclude him and asked me in for an interview where he suggested that I was partly to blame and we should both apologise to each other and 'try to make a fresh start'!

I can't take much more of this and am actively looking for a new job.

Anonymous said...

Name: Adam
Location: Probably appearing in a park near you

Adam is a little s*** who has finally stopped bothering us and has taken up full time truanting. The LEA have done nothing to take his mother to court (hooray! I don't want him back)

TerryfromMaths said...

Name: Darren
Location: Just look for his graffiti tag, it is all over the school.

Darren graffitis our school desks, doors and walls with impunity. SMT seem unable to get rid of him despite the fact that he now has to have two behaviour files as the first one became full before he reached year 10. Why oh Why is our school so weak and what can we do?

ps Thanks for this site_ I feel better for getting that off my chest. (And good luck with the book too)

DavefromPE said...

Name: Leon
Location: Hell (he is definately the kid from there)

Leon constantly suprises us_ in how he can surpass our predictions for what he will do next. Vandalising a teacher's car followed by pushing the same teacher, followed by shouting abuse at another teacher outside the school gates, interspersed with numerous 'incidents' all of which should have been enough for SMT to get rid of him, but no, he still graces us with his presence each day.

Greeny (PE) said...

Name: Matthew L
Location: On his back if he opens his mouth again

Matthew is an obnoxious little s*** who runs rings round the staff in our school. He is openly defiant and is the most gobby lad I have taught in years. His parents are always moaning about some teacher or other having a 'bad attitude' to him. The Head is stupid enough to give them the time of day and won't even consider throwing him out. We have always had kids like Matthew but in the past we were able to deal with them

MissB said...

Name: Sally and Jen
Location: Near Bristol

Sally and Jen are both lovely pupils who have worked hard all their time at our school. I hope that they get the 'A' Level results that they deserve

SallyG said...

Nice to see a good kid in here. It's easy to forget how many there really are

Name Stephen
Location Devon

A nicer, harder working lad would be hard to find

PissedoffPete said...

About time someone sttod up to RateMyTeacher which is nothing more than a soapbox for disaffected youth.

Name: Kelly
Location: I'd love to say which school but I respect your request Mr. Chalk so let's just say the South East

For the last five years Kelly has been a constant source of what nowadays is called 'low level disruption' and in less PC times used to be called pratting around and was dealt with. Funnily enough it didn't used to re-occur every five minutes. Now ordinary teachers can do nothing and the kids know it. They wear us down and drive us into the ground. SMT simply don't care because all that matters to them is keeping to their exclusion targets.

Jennifer (English) said...

Weren't the Unions going to try to do something about RateMyTeacher? It doesn't suprise me that they haven't though.

Anonymous said...

The day the Unions do anything, I'll eat my proverbial hat!

Jill (Eng) said...

Name: Chevaunne
Location: Unfortunately the front row of my class...

Chevaunne does her best to make my life a misery through a constant stream of unpleasant personal remarks. I'm an NQT and when I mentioned it to those higher up the school, detailing everything I'd done to try and deal with her the response was just to interview her (telling her that it was me who had complained) which only made things worse. I don't know what our SMT are paid for.

Jill (eng) said...

Sorry_ after reading my post again it sounds like it should be on 'Rate My SMT' which thinking about it would be a great idea...

Jonesy (French) said...

Name: Liam
Location: A School in the North West, but shortly to be prison, I predict...

I have monitored Liam's progress through our school ever since he arrived with a thick file of 'behaviour problems' from his Junior School. It has been a downhill ride ever since featuring violence, theft, theft with violence, vandalism, interspersed with constant abuse of staff and pretty much anything else you can think of. He has had dozens of Report Cards and 3 final warnings. (Seriously)

I can't help but think that if more severe action had been taken earlier on a lot of this could have been prevented, but sadly it's probably too late now

Miss Understood said...

Name: Lewis

Location: On loan from hell!

Lewis is a charming young man with such varied talents as bullying, spitting, swearing, stealing, drug dealing and smoking at school. A pleasure to teach.

Anonymous said...

I work as a Manager in a factory. You guys have my complete sympathy for the idiots you have to deal with. I get these morons after they leave you , but at least I get the pleasure of smiling at them when I sack them. I can't imagine the frustration of being in your position of wanting to solve the problem but having your hands tied.

On the other hand , I've got 2 children who want to learn and they're getting a great (state) education. So thanks to your colleagues (or maybe even you) for looking after my bairns.

Anonymous said...

name Chelsea
location within my hearing distance unfortunately

Chelsea is a precotious, chav who is a 'gob- on legs' never coming up for breath. she told me once she knew someone who could eat a bigmac in 2 bites. i replied i know someone who can do it in one.
she's moving down south be prepared southern collegues

Anonymous said...

Name: George
Location: soon to in a HM prison no doubt

George is an ape-like moron known to take drugs before and during attending school. Has yet be excluded, unlike his younger brother, because 'well he's year 11 now so we should give him a chance to finish GCSE's' Despite when last week i challenged him over smoking in playground, he called me a litlle c**t, i challenged this with a smile, tolfd him it was inappropraite way to speak to staff and said with a smile, i'm not little. He said ok then you're a big c**t and took another drag on his fag! (OK if i wasn't a teacher i'd laugh!!)

Anonymous said...

Well i am a pupil..
Name: Danielle
Location : Motherwell.. Scotland
I know my teacher hates me coz every Time she start hur shouting i just tell hur to F*** Off.. Im not realy Bother Because She doesnt do anything about it Apart frome A silly Little Punishement Exercise.. Ha..Its quite funny to hear teachers callin there Pupils S***** Lol.. Dis is crap cany even say the word...Ah dnt even Know wit an SMT is lol.. I wish Someone Would set up a rate my pupils That would be fun.. I have written loads about my teacher ha.. And i hope she reads it.. Anything that happens always comes bk to me anyway.. And incase she is On this id Just like to say that it was me that totaly coverd Your windoes With eggs.. HAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Name: Einstein in Yr7
Location: Nottingham

Actually said to me today "Miss, what is Ian Wilmut's name?". I then had to try and coax the answer out of him for five minutes. Child was sat with bioraphy of the bloke on the screen in front of him! Gave up in the end and told them I was not going to give them any answers as they were old enough to work it out for themselves!

Studious said...

Now, i know im not classified to do this as i am a student instead of a teacher, but heres one:

Name: Hope
Location: in a different school i wish

Hope is a fellow year 11 who takes pride in disrupting everybodies learning, and starting fights in any space possible. All the teachers hate her and so do i. last year she caused my friend injuries to the head and face after punching her repeatedly.
The punishment: An apology and a final warning that if she starts fights again, she will go on a RED warning card.
I can see her shivering in her diamonte shoes already...

borat said...

Name:Manu and Maria
Location: On the streets of Streatham, probably doing some coke.

The f****ing Sh%$Ts!!! never have i in all my teacher career, which is quite small. have i ever come across some f-ing retards. they left a f-ing tampon in my handbag, they embarassed me in front of the whole school. They stole my property from my desk and sent me on a wildgoose chase around the school, trying to locate these items. i failed to locate my housekeys and i was left outside my house for the entire night. And the most i could get SMT to give them was: to send them to the National Gymnastics Rally and to wear a fluerosent pink leotard with no gymnastics experience. However, we won the shit competition. I think it has something to do with the knuckle busters that they were wearing.

And one of my former music collegue, was traumatised when asked for a life home from one of their parents. He scrammbled into the car only to be confronted by the girl who touched him in places he did not want to be touched. The teacher was sued for Sexual Harrassment =, bloody SMT!!!!

Never would ihave thought a private girls school in a major trust all around london which provides education for girls from 3-18 year olds *coughs*, would house such nasty f-ing shits. Seriously these two are on the verge of losing their virginity to out, they know were u live. I believe one of their parents is high up in Parliament..

Anonymous said...

Im a pupil in 4th year n i like most of my teachers...apart from my pe teacher! she is a pure clown n hinks she can shout in ma face n say wit she like tae me but am no even allowed tae draw the eyes off her! how dis that work? awl you teachers moanin about us...ever hink its you thats the problem half the time! a widnay needty shout at her if she wid keep out my face. she got me suspended for drinking a capri sun in the changin room! now thats just utter crap she needs tae git a life n concentrate on teachin the class she canny control rather than tryin 2 git me thrown out the school everyday. every other teacher in the school likes me n a get good no sum random ned that hinks a can just abuse the teacher. teachers hink they own the bloody fur yae...YOU ONLY WORK THERE!! y do u all seem to hink u can shout in our faces when our parents dont even speak to us like that. give yer pupils some respect n a bet yae will git a lot further!!
no wonder pupils hit teachers...some of them need a good slap.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to wish anyone who has to teach a pupil whose name rhymes wid *unt first name middle easten river. isn't he just the total in little shits.

Anonymous said...

Name: Laura
Location: North West

Is a joy to teach. I've taught her for 3 years and have seen how she has got better and better at my subject. Makes it all worthwhile.

Bean lover said...

Declan is a Year 7 criminal mastermind who has totally lost his nut! He hangs out of windows and spits at people walking past in the street. He chews his homework and when asked where his homework is he replys by taking it out of his bag and munching it in his mouth. And using inapproproate language.He is a disgrace to the school! Actually to be perfectly honest i think he should be in a zoo with the wild monkeys!

Mr Beany boy said...

i am goin nutty because of cheeky kids such as- connor,michael,thomas,clare/declan/katie,frank, bill they are terrible kids

Anonymous said...

Name: The whole of Y9
Location: Holding pen until they leave school to work on supermarket checkouts.

I used to hate this lot, but once I realised they are a total waste of space I enjoy 'teaching' them things they have absolutely no interest in. I just smile to myself that they are heading for the supermarket checkouts and working at MacD's - oh boy, will I enjoy seeing them there and saying "I told you so.."

Ed said...

Name: Doesn't really matter. I'm just a number.
Location: Scotland somewhere.

Little Johnny is a little git who is constantly disruptive. His peers and staff agree. He has been stalking a staff member and his family! The Police have been involved. SMT think that he is gifted and has been fast-tracked to classes 3 years his senior and he gets personal tuition for some subjects. How fair is that to the really good kids who are genuinely bright?

Anonymous said...

Just do what I did to one little darling. Look him in the face and say "Reverend Spooner would have described you as a shining wit." He wandered off saying "Who the f***'s Reverend Spooner?"

Anonymous said...

Name: Morghan

Location: In your face, in your bag, in your pocket.....

This foul-mouthed little darling alleged that a member of staff had sent "naked-pictures" of herself to other students. Totally fabricated story of course - but why was she not suspended/expelled or disciplined in anyway? If an allegation is made against a teacher here in Scotland, the police are called-in straight away!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I work in a 'fantastic' school in a 'fantastic' area in Glasgow where the posh people (cough, cough) like to live. What a joke. I have never met such a***hole children in all my life! Or teachers for that matter - one child repeated bullies several children resulting in a few tortured souls (they are primary). SMT will not deal with it because he won't settle in class if he gets into trouble. SO basically he can behave however he likes and never be pulled up for it. What is the point????

Anonymous said...

Too many to list!!!
Name: Wierd kid (think his names Adam)
Location: Every lesson I get given for cover!!

I am a cover teacher but not a regular cover teacher, a cover 'supervisor' (one of those people dragged in off the street and plonked infront of classes to cut down costs!)

I have so many kids who tell me to f off, throw things at me, storm out (like they think I'm bothered that they're leaving!!) but SMT are not interested the second they know its me! I've even heard them say 'oh, its only that cover person so it doesnt matter'!

I just wanted to say that these new rules we're allowed to use now, like taking the mobile phones off kids, I hope people agree with me that these big wigs are missing the point. The problem isnt that they have their mobile phone out, the problem is that when you ask for it you get told to f off! And thats where the fun begins! And then theres no SMT follow up or punishment for the hour of confrontation and balls you had to put up with whilst trying to get them to 'do a poster'!!

Anyway, glad I spat that out! Kids, who'd work with em ey?!?!

Anonymous said...

RCC is a school in the north ease (COASTAL) our Head is a money grabbing shit who will sell off all facilities for 'education' to the highest bidder. A new 1million pound facility developed for our children, is now being sold of to the cancer that is oxygym, whom use the facility during the day and kick out our poor teacher whenever they need to. this disrupts the classes and children immensly, he does not care, putting money before education is his thing, a pathetic head that worries me that my classes will meet the same fate as the poor teacher i have described. Sack the bastard!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Name: Ben
Location: Middle England somewhere

Yr 11 f**kface who has no impulse control and loves to do an impression of the tasmanian devil when he doesn't get his own way.

Anonymous said...

Name: Irene Mc

Location: Gourock High, Gourock.

Irene is a horrible person. She thinks she can do what ever she wants and bullies others in a vain attempt to make herself look good. She shouts at everyone and senior mgt refuse to act. She is pathetic, arrogant and I still can’t believe why she is allowed to act this way. She is totally out of her depth and her attainment shows it.

Devil's Kitchen said...

I am neither student nor teacher, but I would like to express some despair at the poor levels of spelling and grammar displayed in these comments.

Mostly by the so-called students, naturally...


jerym said...

You teachers seem to have similar problems to the police and other professions who come into contact with these people.To use the same language as them, stop moaning get of your fxxxxxx arses and sort out the useless cxxxx in your unions, you are paying them.

Michael F said...

I teach a pupil who is sweet, hardworking, intelligent and GRATEFUL for all the hard work we put in. Her name is Josey and is the kind of pupil that makes you want to stay in teaching.

Fortunately I do not teach the feral year 10 girls, of which there are about 7, who look like chavs (small bag for fags and perfume + clothes for someone who is 3 sizes smaller + enough jewellery to outshine Mr T)), smell like chavs (perfume that causes temporary blindness + 'aroma de ciggi') and have chav social skills (attract boys by "f- ing this that and the other" all the time + attractive spitting + intimidation to others skills).
Now what these lovelies need is MORE teacher time, MORE attention, MORE showing they can get away with anything they want and definately MORE rewards for moments of almost acceptable behaviour. THESE are the reasons why the government is overwhelmed with new teacher applications and massive retention in teacher numbers.....opps, got something wrong in this rant, wonder what it is !

Headboy said...

gkwcaAs fosterparent of a 15 year old girl. I am fully aware of your problems at the "coalface" as it were.However you asked for this when you listened to the "Educationalists " in the 60's/70's,and are doing nothing about it.Unfortunately you are screwing up other peoples lives and my advice would be
2 stop whinging
3 do something about it

Anonymous said...

I'm a foreigner working in the USA school system. I don't think it's any better here. I had to laugh while reading posts by the English kids....could barely understand their slang/spelling (hopefully not indicative of their general education in English. I wanted to make teaching my career, but after being back in the school system (primary/elementary) I don't think I could stand it. Shame, because those kids who are respectful and try and losing out to the others.

Anonymous said...

Name: A group of yr 8s
Location: north west

This little "gang" of year 8s thought it would be funny to start throwing bits of their lunch, and stones at me and my year 11 friends.
But the fact we are year 11s and should be setting an example, means we couldn't even defend ourselves. The first time a stone actually hit someone i ended up in trouble becuase the teachers believed the little innocent year 8s and not us. After weeks of grief we decided to go to our head of year, and what did he do? He gave them a final warning, thats it.
We almost wish a stone had really hurt someone, or damaged school property, the teachers couldn't of pretended to ignore that!

Thank god Ive left to go to collge now!

Anonymous said...

louise edwards is evil she always out of order and was horrible to me in year 7 it is upsetting

Anonymous said...

sam jago finch is flaming idiot and i think he is a pain in the back side boo hoo he likes licking boys toes

Anonymous said...

shelley is out of order she calls me names i think its so so so wrong i think she should go to another school

Anonymous said...

shelley tells to shut up and i dont even like evil witch

Anonymous said...

I do think pupils are becoming more disrespectful, but some do try hard and do not get commended for it. I attend a grammar school and am not one of the clever pupils in the class. I work as hard as I can, but still struggle, im even resulting to going home and looking up the big words i dont understand in the dictionary! I would like teachers to explain things in different ways and not just tell you to make notes from the text book. Also, when telling a teacher that I was struggling in lessons, she brought in the cleverest pupil in the class and made us swop exam answers. I have never felt so demoralised in my whole life, I felt so stupid as she was getting full marks whereas I was answering the question completely wrong. To all the teachers out there,
I understand that most pupils are horrible and do not deserve an education, but there are some of us who do try hard. If you could just give us a bit of respect and gratefullness for how hard we try and for everything we do for the school such as becoming mentors, initiating clubs etc., I would be extremely thankful.

Anonymous said...

Name: Some Teachers, But not all.

Political dictatorship. No one can be opinionated or controversial. No one can vote for who they want. They must vote for who teachers want to. Although not entirely told they still push their views onto us with force. If you disagree your classed as a fascist nazi or something extreme like that. Why cant they stand for freedom like me? Freedom to be what you want to be, believe what you want to believe, think what you want to think and say what you want to say.

Ps, I bet I get mysteriously beaten up for posting this…

Anonymous said...

Name: Jordan
Location: Kent

Jordan (male) is a thick, bullying, delinquent who's life ambition is to spend time at Her Majesty's pleasure! Can't wait - at least we won't have to teach him anymore!!! He recently called me a f**king c**t but wasn't excluded because the school's theory is that this would 'reward' his behaviour. I think he would benefit far more from spending the next 4 academic years in Boot Camp in Guantanemo Bay. His favourite thing to do is to stop all the children in the class from learning. They all love it when he is not in. His mother must be so proud.

Sandra said...

Name: Soibahn
Location:Fast track to a career at McDonalds

Soibahn feels she is a cut above teachers. When faced with a task she doesn't want to do (any homework, school work, revision, punishment exercises etc...) she brings a note from her mum to excuse her from it, as it makes her feel "anxious". She spends every lesson giving a running commentary on my management of the lesson, and provides a constant, helpful critique of any and all my decisions. Bitch.

Wow... I do feel better!

Anonymous said...

A message from a student....
Some of us are sorry about all the sh** you have to deal with as people guilty of the crime of trying to give us a chance in life. Some of us do appreciate your effort (although i still reckon anyone still working state should quite and work in the private sector! Come on you were trained to teach!)


p.s i go to a state school, do all teachers hate the national curriculem?

Teacher said...

One of the founders of RMT died of cancer and her son died in a car accident. Anyone believe in Karma?

Anonymous said...

I gave up teaching nearly 20 years ago (went into nursing, never looked back.) I`m a mum and a gran, and I STILL say I blame the parents for not giving teachers their full support. I`ve enjoyed reading here, and my heart goes out to some of the posters - as well as to the many nice pupils who also have their schooldays made hell by some of these brats you all describe.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You've reached Canada.

Name: Matthew
Location: Pickering

Matthew is your typical Italian arrogant boy who hides behind the fact that when he does work, he is actually quite bright. His attitude sucks and I'd like to swing him by his greasy hair, into a wall.

Anonymous said...

Daryl is a boy wich "issues" and apparently the "best of the bunch" out of his sibling group of 5 brothers (shudder....don't want to meet the other ones). He sexually aggressively approaches girls but because he's got "issues" at home (mum and dad "din't hit it off", separated, got back together, separated again) there he is.... back at our school... hoorray! Daryl loves the attention he gets by being disruptive...he gets to disrupt TWO lessons at once once :he gets disruptive and thanks to our "buddy" system where Daryl can't be made to stand on the coridor but has to go and stay with another teacher he wanders from one classroom to another and kicks off in two places during one lesson.. Perfectly able to text filthy messages on his phone, Daryl is sadly unable to read and write.Definitely prison fodder.

Holly said...

I used to be a little horror for my teachers in my old school (recently moved in YR 11 from Wales to England) and I don't half regret it know. I feel sorry for the french teacher who I used to swear at and I locked her in the cupboard all because my so called 'friends' were egging me on. I got drunk in school once and they sent me home for the rest of the day. The next day I was allowed back. Now I look back and think I deserved more than that.
I really fancied the IT technician at one point and I would get out of every lesson with a friend just to wander down to his office and talk to him. He had no power and couldn't tell me to go away so he just sat and talked. I guess that isn't to bad because if he really didn't want to talk to me he would have told me to get lost.

I am settling in really well at my new school and I really like it here. The teachers are genuinly nice to the people who are nice to them. There are a few people who mess around but it's a mixed school and it's mainly the boys. I have learn't my lesson and I have found alot more people respect me when I sit and do the work rather than being an arse. As a result to my good work I have been moved to an A level it class rather than a GCSE one in Year 11. I will not be working in McDonalds but following my dream of being a software designer or an IT technician.

**I didn't have to leave my old school due to behaviour, it was family problems**

I would just like to say to all the little twats out there that are like how I used to be, don't bother! The teachers are there to help you not to be shouted and sworn at. When you all get a job in McDonalds that won't affect the teachers because they donot care where you end up!

Would just like to say sorry to that french teacher again!

Anonymous said...

It stuns me how much a child can get away with - if after an outburst they claim the have "anger problems". Still, go ahead - I won't employ you to clean my house when you can't get a job anywhere else because of your disgusting attitude. Anger problems - my eye!

Anonymous said...

Headboy got it right

"you asked for this when you listened to the "Educationalists " in the 60's/70's".

It is all your own fault; I watched the PC crap creep up through the Schools corridors but escaped beyond the Sixth Form just in time.

MissPayne said...

Name: Jonathan Aka Tonto.
Locition: Wales

Jonathan is a fucking rude shit who refuses to shut up in classes. finds it funny ruining other pupils educaition. He's only 15 and has tried to "get off with" haf of our staff! I went through hell teaching him yestrday, nothing but pick up lines, i have reported him plenty of times but they have done nothing. Im fed up to the max with him.

Anonymous said...

Ceri Jones
every teacher knows she smokes and she still denies it she goes to about a lesson a day she asumes she is the brightest girl in the class when shes as dull as a post probably end up walking the streets !!

Catrin Math said...

Name: Ceri Ffwrdd
Locaition: Brackla

Great pupil to teach. Im very disapointed she's not staying on for 6th form. Such a brainy girl. The best of luck for her in the future. I have a feeling she'l go far.

Anonymous said...

Im so glad Miss Payne told me about this. My name is Mrs White to the pupils. And im going crazy cause of Jonathan. He's tried the same with me. Any ideas? I would like to take the matter further but i dont want to lose my job. He swears and gets away with it. He plays innocent and act like hes done absolutley nothing wrong and says its lies. someone aught to teach that kid a lesson.

naw naw naw.
mae jonathan angen cael eu chymryd am sexual harassment.

Anonymous said...

Kids will be kids, you people should honestly just ignore that website and get on with life. You grown adults shouldn't be stooping down into their level. It's pathetic.

I'm 15 years old and I'm actually quite disgusted in what you teachers are saying about your pupils, how old are yous?

Act your ages.

Fiz said...

I am a parent and I see the examples of our local "college" every day. They are unbelievably rude and loutish to shop staff, people that have the misfortune to be near them on the pavement etc, so God only knows what they are like in class. This school has recently broken into the top 200 state schools, to my utter bewilderment and horror. You have my profound sympathy.

Anonymous said...

first off i would like to start by mentioning that i am a 17 year old pupil in secondary education in scotland. before my year took highers it was the year 2 years above rated as the worst. but now a 5th year classes are coming off the worst out
of 60 pupils
<>10 passed maths prelim
<>4 passed english prelim
out of 30:
<>2 passed physics prelim (please see below for more info one this)
<>20 passed chemistry
<>15 passed computing

anyway this is the worst set of prelim results this school has ever had and god we are paying for it i have not had a singly class recently where we haven't been told that 3rd years could have done better. how exactly is this helping us pass the final exam!!

so on to physic this school had possibly the greatest teaches in history his class average was A for higher, and 1 for SGrade. he went off ill about a year ago and since his classes have been destroyed. when i asked him to explain what exactly the refracted index od glass was he turned around and told me the equation, i am not trying to be rude but if i wanted the equation i would have looked up the data book. and to this day i still do not have a clue what it actually does.

there is another physic teacher who works in learning support for now, but he took us for a class and in that time i actually learnt something, to the point i passed my LO3 (part of the exam)

all i am saying is that it is not always the pupil who is wrong sometimes certain teachers cant teach

Anonymous said...

Im not a teacher... just a student reading around. I am very suprised at some of the comments coming from teachers. I'd like to say that some of you are being very immature about it, saying the students are cursing at them, but turn around and call them horrible curse names!! Not everyone at Ratemyteachers is shot down... alot are rated "best teacher ever", etc. If you dont like what it says, either change your attitude or stop reading it! The site is just a place for students to express their opinions on their teachers. But most of you come in here talking like this about kids. I agree, alot of kids should be punished for what they do but no matter who they are or what theyve done, they dont deserve some of this stuff. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

jausxwdHere's the big difference between we teachers and our little darling pupils - we do NOT NAME NAMES. No matter how hideous the behaviour my colleagues have listed above, no child knows for sure that they have been spotted and criticised. Most importantly none of them will have the problem of their manager/ Headteacher reading the posts and responding directly to the scurrilous anonymous accusations. Of course the source is not actually named but it seems really clear that this is happening to me.
I'm feeling really bitter!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this too:
Location: the country side

Russell hates school and can't wait to leave and yet every day he comes in with the world's best attitude, is lovely to his teachers, kind to his classmates and smiles his way through his education. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Just to say that I just read some of these comments and the one posted by 'teacher' about the founder of rate my teacher dying of cancer and that being karma is one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard. I'm shocked at the thought of someone so vindictive and petty minded being allowed to teach.

Anonymous said...

Name: Macaulay
Location: My lessons...sadly

Macaulay is the most spoilt brat I have ever encountered. He cannot stand not getting his own way. Failure to give him what he wants, right away, results in macaulay threatening to "get you done".

His favourite game is "teacher baiting". Macaulay will wind you up in the hope you will loose your temper and hit him (fun as this would be, I've still got to pay the bills...)

Personally, I can't wait until Macauley is old enough to try "baiting" people down the pub...

Anonymous said...

Name: Tommy
Location: Undisclosed

Tommy is a year 10 (moving to year 11) toerag who nicked my entry fob for the school when I sent him out of my lesson for being an arrogant distruptive little f***.

Only after I spent my only 2 free hours of the week tracking down the CCTV footage to "prove" my claim it was him; SMT "punished" him by moving him from one of my classes into... another one of my classes!

Oh and his mother insists that he's a lovely boy who struggles with the work because of his early education in Spain... So nothing at all to do with the fact that he spends the lesson time winding up the thick kids and sitting back to watch the fireworks knowing full well he won't take the fall for the chaos that ensues.

Anonymous said...

You are all acting like you are three years old! If you dont like teaching dont teach it is rather simple! i am in year 8 and yea kids are a pain in the arse, but what did you exspect when you picked to be a teacher? I bet half of you werent little angels!Also the schools cant keep kids undercontroled i mean if your aloud to play up you will!


Your just as bad as some of the people on Rate My Teacher!
(i like rate my teacher but people are quite unfair)

So good Byee

youthleader said...

I might start a site, educate my teacher!!!!. The grammar, spelling and attitude speak volumes for the standard of teachers employed in our schools today.
You are paid a substantial amount of money to educate children, you have ample training days, on top of an already inflated holiday period, to learn how to deal with difficult students. If you want respect, earn it. You have the option of a different career, granted you will lose your guaranteed retirement income, but if you despise kids this much...........get a job in the real world!

Anonymous said...

you lot need to get a life


Anonymous said...

lets talk teachers they all uptight most of them are fuckin twats who think they can play god all the time but you do get some good ones

Anonymous said...

there has to be a site for slagging off teachers, this is harsh!!!

id like to see all you lot say this to the students faces and there parents, pussys!!

Anonymous said...

u sad faggots i bet u wouldnt have the guts to say al these things to the students face u need to get a life and grow up ur ment to get the teachers and ur actings like the pupils ur slaging off serious get a life

Anonymous said...


tommy is a massive giant of a boy who likes to use his size to intimadate other pupils and teachers a like he is a big bully and i hate him

Anonymous said...

this sucks!!! get a life honestley, your being nearly as inmature as the pupils so just think how fuckin stupid your being as well, so what if there are 12-16 year olds slagging off there teachers, but do you reali think this is much better?? i dont think so!!

so if you have a problem with some students, do sumink about it rather than slaging them off on some website GROW UP!!

you are all obvisously scared or otherwise you wouldnt be on this website so do all your selfs a faviour and stop being sad fucks!!

you are all so stupid as to go into teaching who cant face "trubled" students then i think that you should have gone into a different careea!!

fuck sake!!

Jenny from Brum said...

It looks like some of the retards from your school have found this site Mr Chalk, judging from the last few posts.

Why is it that those who swear on postings or urge people to "get a life!" can never spell?

Anonymous said...

Learning the words "can't", "troubled" and "career" might help anonymous above get a job (or a life) rather than joining the benefits queue.

Anonymous said...

Great idea this! Top Marks!

Ross from Gracemount - now in S2. Made my life hell and his parents now realise with current problems that he's not such a good egg.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just thought I'd say:
I am a student currently studying classical singing in Guildhall London... but to make extra cash, I work in McDonalds. I do not like the way that *some* teachers have been using this as a bad thing. McDonalds gives people the opportunity to work within a group and make money. I really enjoy working there, even though our customers are not always on their best behaviour. I have no intention of working in McDs for the rest of my life, but it does give some people a better carreer than they would have otherwise!

Anonymous said...

awreeet saaan! we are two sixth year girls writing about a certain teacher called mrs victoria russell who teaches admin and business education at BEATH HIGH SCHOOL. she is a bullying, controlling, fucking ugly ugly ugly buck toothed smelly warty moley bastard. she has no grammar at all. she think "specifically" is "pacifically" THICK SHIT what are you doing in teacher when you can't even grasp the english language?! her breath hums like shit/pish/fish and other disgusting stomach churning odours that no-one in the class dares ask for help as they do not want to be intoxicated by her vile, reekin STENCH! and btw willie russell if you are reading this then i would like to inform you fuckin hum, you are immature (making faces behind pupil's backs ;) ), have you ever heard of a great invention called a BATH? or the DENTIST, or TOOTHPASTE? well you obviously haven't because you still have minging teeth, minging breath and mank mank MANK greasy hair:D. think thats it.. goodbye away for a bath now ;) see you tomorrow!!!!

Anonymous said...

i am writing in this to complain about my french teacher nadege hanley!! at beath high school. noone can understand her as her english grammer is so poor. she fails to teach the class anything because of this fault !! she has the english capactiy of a bean! she has hair like a burst couch and noone likes to ask for help for the fear of end up coughing up a hair ball later in the day :O! she walks like something out of the adams family. and has as much control over the class as a 5 year old. as noone understands her ! i hate the sound of her voice its like a wailing dieing cat ringing threw my ears ! she has craters the size of the moon on her face which make me sick to the stomach with one glimpse of her fatal appearance. i hate every lesson with this thick teacher when she learns to talk to me in a language i understand with the correct grammer then maybe her lessons with be benificial !!!!!!!!!!!!

Cowdenbeath said...

Holly is the most spoilt brat i have come across in all my teaching career if not given her own way you are verbually abused and once even kicked in my own classroom. Her constant disruptiveness, foul mouth,immature behaviour and her aggressive nature are many of her wonderful qualities! I have been threatened, kicked and even had "Missiles" thrown at me from her direction to which she denied! When thrown out of the class she slams the door shouts and swears, when thrown out of the school she comes back with a worse attitude than before! She has come in to school drunk and been caught smoking dope at the side of the school! When the head confronted with her she is simply given "another chance" due to her family background! Well i would like to know how many chances this little shit is going to recieve before SMT get their acts together! and it now seems we have an extra 2 years with her! She has the most evil look in her eyes i have come across i swear she is the daughter of satin! which would make up for her behaviour! She likes to believe she can do as she pleases which is absoloutely correct with her assumption as none of the SMT will do anything about it! Well i hope the brat ends up and alcoholic as she is going the right way about it! Hope to see her in 5 years time at the post office picking up her doal! After teaching her other siblings she by far makes herself stand out compared to them! I pray i never have to teach her children !

lesley horne said...

I am a teacher of maths myself at a high school in nairn and i don't think the teachers commenting on this site should be blaming the SMT as they can only do so much if a pupil doesn't want to learn that's their choice it's not up to the senior management team .

Mary Smart said...

To the above comment, the point of the matter is the SMT don't dicipline the children!
I've had a chair thrown across my room and been verbully abused by many of the pupils i aim to teach and nothing is ever done to solve the issues.

diane said...

james is a anoying little brat who is the most immature young man i have come across.
verbal abuse and spitting at people are just a few of his wonderful trates. his parents think the sun shines out of his arse but parents always do dont they !

Anonymous said...

Name : H. Hendry
Location : Fraserburgh Academy

im a pupil btw + im riting aboot ma guidance teacher. shes a fucking bitch fa thinks c can get on it me ah the tym. she fucking canna! am gane tae stab the bitch thn punch her daughter. oh wait ah alridy punched her daughter haha. if yer reading ess mrs hendry thn am gan tae sae sumhing. am geeing u one mare chance tae stop pissing me off or ill dee sumhing ah regret.

Anonymous said...

I think if these comments were truley left by staff members of any school it is absolutley disguisting when there was that much fuss made over rate my teacher.I am appauled at what i have been reading the fact that yous actually feel yous are better than the pupils astounds me.Each and everyone of yous should be sacked if i ever found any comment refering to my daughter or her friends on this website i would have yous hammered by the school everyone of yous should be ashamed.I am truly sickened.

Emma the pupil said...

Do you really think that it's always the pupils fault? Teachers can be incredibly immature and nasty and they just think that all of their pupils and litttle brats. The people writing these things on Rate My Teacher are teenagers. You are all grown adults and you're worse than them, I'm 13 and I know that most teachers work hard and want to teach but some just can't be ar*sed and sit playing the computer all day then have the cheek to coome on this website and complain about them

Anonymous said...

Great site idea!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Chalk,

As a qualified Grumpy Old Man of fifty odd, now living in New Zealand, I have to say that some of the teachers' comments (if that's who they really are) are just as appalling as the students they insult. Misspelling, poor grammar, incorrect punctuation, my God, is this the standard now ?

I appreciate it's not nearly as bad as some of the cretinous, feculent rambling of the half TXT half English neanderthal of the "I am a student" entries, but considering the standard to which I was taught in Manchester the seventies, it's truly, truly horrifying that things have got so bad.
(Oh and TXT IS NOT A LANGUAGE, I shout many times over)

Anonymous said...

im a pupil and i dont really have a problem with teachers venting their feelings abouts some of the sh**s i have read about about here. Everyone needs a way of getting things off their chest.
I dont think being a teenager should be an excuse for acting like that to another person, and the fact that some people on this site are saying that teachers should grow up is quite funny. Why are people so angry?

Chapel said...

Sorry but the only way to curb the evil sickening behaviour of feral children is the harsh and extreme use of pain and humiliation. Brake a cane across their arse, bleed them and force them in to a state mulling agony and unremitting terror for their infractions. The fear of pain is an excellent motivator.

Anonymous said...

Please make this website into a Competition. The winners get an education in a 'Full Contact' Army run 'School'. A sort of little sh*t Big Brother reality program. It could be a hit. A comment too late?

Midge said...

Okay, I'm a pupil reading this and I have a couple of things to say:

1. Good show, it's about time someone knocked the little shits down a peg

2. Spelling! seriously, you're suposed to be teachers- the moment you forget about spelling and grammar, you weaken your intellectual high-ground.

3. There are several ways to get your own back- if they bully you, then bully them; find something the pupil is insecure about (e.g. broken home, body image, a death in the family) and keep bringing it up. Make sure to use acceptable language though- that way you can claim you meant no offense.

4. GO PRIVATE. I'm a pupil at a private school and my parents are teachers, the pay, staff priveledges and attitude is way better. I mean, could a teacher get away with swearing at students in a state school? (on of my teachers is famous for his rants, often telling pupils exactly where they'll end up).

Matthew Chandler said...

As a pupil I'd like to add to you teachers that yes, fair enough, you do get the odd cunt here and there in school, but some of the comments posted by staff, the role models by which these pupils are meant to look up to (but admittedly usually don't), are actually being racist.

"Your typical Italian boy"
So all Italians are poorly behaved?

And really, some of you get mad at the simplest things. So an 8 year old told you to fuck off. He's eight fucking years old.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on this is actually ridiculous, not all the comments are bad about the teachers some are really good. Also some teachers really abuse there power and deserve the bad comments. As for others well think as to how the comments are posted they are usually illiterate, why would anyone bother abouts comments from a N-E-D.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say i feel really sorry for all the people behind these comments!
I've always wanted to teach and still find all my teachers inspirational and amazing people!

Anonymous said...

Reading all this makes me want to scream!!! We have it here in black and white that the kids play up because THEY GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus their pathetic excuses for parents let them do whatever the hell they like. It is an absolute disgrace. A teachers main job should be to TEACH - not bring your kids up for you, parents!!! Take some responsibility for all these unruly children that you are spawning! Why should teachers have to teach your children manners and respect??? If my child ever behaved the way some of these reprobates do, I would be absolutely mortified! I would feel that I had failed as a mother. STOP wrapping the kids up in cotton wool, stop molly-coddliing them and get them to act responsibly. If this doesn't happen soon, we are heading for a future generation who cannot cope with the challenges this world will bring them. We are doing our children a massive disservice by not discipling them appropriately. What are they going to do when they are in jobs? Do they think they can storm out of a meeting or verbally abuse a colleague just because they feel like it? They will not get away with this! No employer will put up with this nonsense. Government says that we need to prepare children for life and work. Well here is the tough truth, kids: life is no picnic and only those who put effort and work into life will ever get anything out of it! FACT

Anonymous said...

teachers? is that what you all think you are? your worse than the kids your teaching. if you don`t like these kids your in the wrong profession, take the time to get to know them and really understand them, and you will find they will respect you more and you might actually get somewhere with them. have you ever thought you are to blame, well you probably are, the teaching methods most teachers use are old fashioned, make learning fun and the kids will want to learn!!! and if your reading this thinking that i have no idea what i`m talking about, or that learning shouldn`t be fun then really, GET A NEW JOB YOUR NOT CUT OUT TO BE A TEACHER - SERIOUSLY TEACHERS MY A**E

Anonymous said...

Name: Kyle
Location: In a welfare-dependant house with parents who couldn't give a rat's-ass.

Kyle is an obnoxious hyperactive moron who only has one tone of voice; VERY, VERY LOUD! He feels the world should adapt to his value system and that when his behaviour is called into question, that he is being "...picked on" (trade mark, Kyle). Routinely calls teacher 'wankers' or 'cows' when leaving the building at the end of the day, forgetting that he must come in tomorrow and face the music. I could go on but, you know....

Anonymous said...

You've got to love the guy at the bottom who asks "teachers? is that what you call yourselves?

I take the time to get to know ALL of my pupils and, believe it or not, actually do very well with problem pupils. The problem is, there are some pupils who, no matter how hard you try, are determined to make arses of themselves. There are some who see your willingness to try to 'get to know them' as signs of weakness to be exploited. The majority of kids in all schools are brilliant; there are a significant minority who are determined to ruin things not only for themselves, but for others also.

Anonymous said...

Not all teachers have the attitudes expressed by some here. I am also appalled by some of the comments, and find it ironic that there are pupils who are justifiably telling those who have posted such venom to grow up. In the 'good old days' the problem children could be beaten and then kicked out for someone else to deal with. You only have to read Laurie Lee to discover the standard of education which existed then.
Maybe instead of complaining, someone could suggest an alternative way of dealing with poor pupil behaviour which doesn't just involve building more prisons.

Anonymous said...

This is SUCH a good idea! I have been the victim of personal comments on rate my teacher-not about my teaching, but about my appearance. Yes really!

Laurence is a little arrogant shit who thinks that he can ruin everyone else's learning. This happens every day in most lessons. I feel really sorry for his poor mother.

I understand some kids are kids and hey, we have all said some bad things, but rate my teacher? the best teachers in my school are rated poorly, because they are excellent discaplinarians. It's about time someone saw the website for what it really is.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Idea!

Name: Gobshite
Location: In my face most of the time

Gobshite thinks it's his God given right to break every rule and not be challenged. This is obviously reinforced by the SMT's inablitly to follow through on threats of exclusion. Gobshite was informed that if he continued to disrupt learning, shout out whenever he pleases, argue with my at every opportunity, ignore instruction, throw furniture and swear regularly he would be excluded. So he continues to do this. The SMT response? "Oh he'll go up to the high school in four months, just try and ride it out, we have came as far as we're going to". Well thank you so fucking much, safe to say SMT doesn't have to deal with the fucking spawn of satan every fucking minute of the school day. To top it off, I've been accused by the child of 'picking on him'.

Lolzors said...

The absolute best thing about this section? The inevitably tenuously-literate, outraged replies by the Shanes and Dwaynes of this world.

Hey, I'm not a teacher, yet I still think this is a great idea; you chavs wrecked my education, the very least you can get in return is some passive-aggressive mocking online. Why do you even care? You're probably drunk or high even now.

Anonymous said...

Is this still live?

Name: Jason

Location: Never where he should be.

Year 5 child - stands at the front of the class shouting. If he's sent out, he's sent back ten minutes later, says sorry (translated 'let me off') and starts again.

Repeat X 5 days a week.

SMT say I don't praise him enough.

Anonymous said...

Nickname: Lightning (somewhat ironic)
Location: Sarf East London (as he would pronounce it)

An ideal addition to any classroom. In his mid-teens Lightning was about six foot three and sixteen stone, slow of pace and mind, but malleable by teachers he liked (among whom I am pleased to have counted myself). Any extended disruption in his class, one would utter the magic phrase, "Have a word, Lightnin'," turn one's face to the blackboard, and await the inevitable "thump" often followed by muffled sobs. Lightning my friend, you are gone but not forgotten.

Anonymous said...

I am not a teacher. I am a parent. Just because one is able to have children does not mean one should be allowed to. To take charge of a vehicle, you are made to take a test but to take charge of another human being, no one checks that you are able. Human rights, my arse! Some people should be neutered. This would solve the problem of mannerless and unruly kids because... guess where those kids come from...?

Anonymous said...

I am a pupil in s2 at a school not to far from Glasgow and I HATE IT. I do get good scores in tests, and do extra revision at home, but that is because I have too. I want to go far in life and I'm willing to work hard for it, but it seems impossible at the moment with the way my teachers are behaving. The amount of times I have substitute teachers per week is ridiculous, I barely learn anything as the subs cannot control the class because, they know that if the real teacher was there we would not be doing some random worksheet that will be thrown in the bin at the end of the lesson. I feel that most of the teachers hate there job and just do the bare minimum that they can get away with every day. I'm not saying that the rest of you are like that, but in my school that's the way I and most others feel. I cannot wait till I get out of the hell hole.

Anonymous said...

I used to teach. The Catholic schools here in the US are so much better. Public schools are hit and miss. Some parents who could care less about their children do care when they are punished. The hatred of authority is the one thing that awakens the parental instinct.

Anonymous said...

Video tape your lessons as a way of measuring and monitoring your professional growth....I'm sure that will catch "them" acting out...I've seen behaviour significantly improve....

:-) said...

Well I'm a student and I can't exactly complain about people. But seriously?Some of you people are acting as idiotic as the students you are complaining about! I mean, there's a load of people in my school that 1. Are smoking and 2. Are acting like s**ts but you weren't little angels! BTW many boys have got into fights and many girls are slagging other people off, but don't do the same! But I've laughed my head off at these!

:-) said...

Oh yeah I don't know who the hell are the SMT but there's someone (who I won't name) who has nearly strangled someone but got away clean by crying!

Anonymous said...

The kids in every year who think they are the dogs bollocks and bully staff and students 'coz it is cool rite?'. No mate it's not cool. You can't read or write. You can't count without using your fingers and toes and you think Iceland is where your mum does the weekly shop. They get upset when you use 'big words' (any word over 4 letters long and still seem to think they'll be millionaires when they grow up. Sorry but the kid you bullied will be your boss. You won't be able to hold down a job because of your bad attitude, foul language and poor communication skills. You'll end up robbing some poor bugger who understands the value of a hard days work and end up in prison or addicted to alcohol or drugs to help you get through your miserable life. I wish I was lying but I look at the people I went to school with and I'm afraid this is all too true 10 years later. Accept the world and your teachers want to help you and knuckle down. At the end of the day we still get paid whether you learn or not. If we are bad teachers and fail you there are always management opportunities.