Monday, November 21, 2005

Writing Furiously

Sorry, I've taken all the postings down, but the editor has told me to get cracking on the book. I'll post occasional updates on my progress, but for now, thanks for reading and I'll leave you with the following.

If you are a humble classroom teacher, feeling unsupported by those above you then remember this. Yours is one of the three most important professions (along with the upkeep of law and order and the provision of medical care) so walk tall. Remember that you are a hero so act like one. You do a job that the vast majority of people could never cope with, so make today the day when you track down some little toerag who has been a pain in your lesson and teach them not to mess with you again.

If you are in the Senior Management Team then go and find a pupil who has been making some poor teacher’s life a misery and tear a strip off them, then make them beg that teacher to allow them to stay in their lesson. If you have the courage, phone up the kid's parents and tell them to teach their brat some manners. The teacher will appreciate what you have done.

If you are the Head then stop what you are doing right now and go and expel your worst pupil. If you can't dream up a good excuse then what on Earth are you doing leading a school. Then tell all the staff what you have done. They will respect you and support you in return.

So good luck to you all and by the way, don’t forget that you can pay for my book simply by selling the next mobile phone or baseball cap you confiscate on ebay

All the best!
Mr. Chalk