Friday, March 02, 2012

Funding Circle

Does anybody have any experience of Funding Circle?


A poll of 3000 teachers run by the parenting club website revealed that roughly half of teachers make assumptions about children based upon their first names. Their judgements are shown below and are pretty accurate. (Read my books for a description of the game Top Set- Bottom Set)

Naughty Boys                                Naughty Girls

1. Callum                                       Chelsea
2. Connor                                       Courtney
3. Jack                                           Chardonnay
4. Daniel                                         Aleisha
5. Brandon                                      Casey
6. Charlie                                        Crystal
7. Kyle                                            Jessica
8. Liam                                            Brooke
9. Jake                                             Demi
10. Brooklyn                                   Aisha

It's interesting to note that 8 out of 20 bad kids' names begin with a 'c'

Now we move on to children assumed by teachers to be clever

Boys                                                         Girls

1. Alexander                                             Elizabeth
2. Adam                                                   Charlotte
3. Christopher                                           Emma
4. Benjamin                                               Hannah
5. Edward                                                  Rebecca
6. Matthew                                                Abigail
7. Daniel                                                    Grace
8. James                                                     Alice
9. Harry                                                      Anna
10. William                                                 Sophie

Pretty accurate, I'd say.
Please do not write in to say that your daughter Aisha is very well behaved, as I do not want to know. Buy a book on statistics instead.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Kristy Bamu

Could the murder of Kristy Bamu have been prevented?
Yes, quite easily if our leaders had the slightest interest in regulating who comes into our Country.

Fraudulent Applications and Catchment Areas

Nottinghamshire headmaster Rob Mc Donough is advising the Government on how to stop parents making fraudulent applications to get their children into better schools that they do not actually live in the catchment area for.

It is an excellent example of Darwinian selection. The more a parent cares about their offspring, the greater the lengths they will go to in order to make sure that they get into a decent school. The child of such parents is likely to be similarly keen and entrepreneurial. A school with a bit more vision would adopt a policy of only taking pupils whose parents they suspected of lying and cheating on their application.

Finally, RIP David Rathband.