Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Coursework Capers

Normally if a child hands in coursework that is worth a 'D' grade, then that pupil is told how to improve it, the work is returned to them and they bring back a new improved version in a couple of weeks time. (Note that this extra help is only for the 'D' grade children because they are the ones that matter.)

As the deadline to send off the marks to the exam board draws near however, panic sets in amongst the staff, as there will always be a few lazy pupils who haven't redone their work.

A novel approach was explained to me last week by a friend whose department simply reports all the 'D's to the exam board as 'C's and only bothers getting the kids to improve their work in the unlikely event that the exam board select one of the inflated pieces of coursework to be sent off for checking.

Everyone's a winner. The teachers don't have to chase as many kids, the department gets more Grade 'C's and the school's exam results go up. I don't know why the practice isn't more widespread.

Oh hang on, it is.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

House Repossession

Many people are threatened each year with the awful prospect of having their home repossessed by their mortgage lender because they have suffered a change in financial circumstances which leaves them unable to meet the full monthly mortgage repayments.

The banks can be extremely inflexible, despite the generosity of the taxpayer in bailing them out when they were having difficulties and dealing with them is a daunting prospect. You can never get through to anyone who isn't simply reading from a script.

If you are facing the prospect of having your house repossessed then it's got to be worth contacting Repossession Stoppers. They will give you advice as well as making you a cash offer for your house.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Selling Your House

Even though the economy is starting to improve, many people are struggling to sell their house, as the banks are still restricting mortgages and asking for large deposits, which many people struggle to come up with.

Estate Agents charge a fortune for what they actually do and many sales fall through when the mortgage lender suddenly decides to restrict the amount they are prepared to lend because of something in the survey such as 'possible damp in the beams' which has been written in purely to cover the surveyor's back.

A much simpler and easier solution might be to look for a specialist cash buyer such as Ask Susan