Friday, April 21, 2006

Rate My Pupils (or better still, just take them away)

In the news recently is a website called 'Rate My Teachers' which encourages disaffected pupils to post rude and misspelt comments about teachers who have told them off, complained to their parents or maybe even managed to get them thrown out of school. It also enables Heads to write nasty things about teachers who are always off sick and teachers to vent their frustrations with invertebrate Headmasters.

As I can barely find the Spacebar, let alone set up a 'Rate My Pupils' website, I will instead provide a place here where teachers can speak their minds. Stick to first names and rough locations just so I don't end up paying compensation to the little brat. I'll start the ball rolling:

Name: Shane
Location: St. Thickchilds School, Downtown

Shane is a Year 11 pupil and apprentice hooligan. He is a habitual thief, with the educational abilities of lettuce. When he plays truant the whole staffroom cheers.