Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Free Schools and Teachers

It is interesting that out of the seven hundred or so groups that have applied to set up their own school under the new 'Free Schools' initiative, half of them are teachers, despite the unanimous opposition of their own unions. The idea of not having to listen to a stream of nonsense from the local council must be appealing.

Needless to say; Chalk High School will be out there on the radical fringe, with such ground shaking proposals as:

A coherent discipline policy combined with the even more extreme idea of actually carrying it out.

The revolutionary suggestion that pupils will sit quietly and do some work.

Paying the really good teachers more than the absolutely terrible ones. A subversive concept shamelessly copied from every successful private enterprise in the World.

I feel like Che Guevara already.

1 comment:

Fee said...

Che, how do I get my girls into your school?

It could only improve their chances to NOT have to fight for attention with kids who've never had the word No said to them in their lives.