Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Told you we'd win- come on England!

So which strategy did your school adopt?

a) Turn a blind eye to the hundreds of forged notes to go to the dentist

b) Close at 2:30

c) Keep calm and carry on


Anonymous said...

My School chose option 'C' which led to 30 arguments with pupils!

TonyF said...

We're fucked. Ball kicking twats trump schooling.

Anonymous said...

My better half's school took the following bizarre step:
They start early and close at 15:00 anyway. A large screen was set up in a hall so the kids and staff could watch the match. All well and good, you might think.

But wait! Kids were given explicit permission to ASK for permission (???) to leave lessons at TWO o'clock... to watch the pre-match warm up!!!

As the young people say - wtf?

Anonymous said...

We let parents collect kiddoes in time for the match. Stupid.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

So what happens the next time someone is prosecuted for taking their children on holiday during term time?

Dr Rick said...

We gave teachers the option of showing the game, on whiteboards etc, and moved the start of the last period so it ran 2:58-4 (when we close).

Of course they all missed the end on the buses home.

Dack said...

Ah well. After that humiliating Jake the Peg performance we won't have to worry about it from now on. Always a silver lining, eh.