Monday, June 21, 2010


Sorry I've been away for the last week, trying to improve the future prosperity of the nation. On my return, I noticed this article about comedy Health and Safety restrictions in schools.

Although the HSE have stopped me from employing any more children to grind up old asbestos; on the whole they do seem to be a sensible bunch and all the nonsense about wearing goggles to play conkers and going on a course to learn how to use scissors, generally seems to come from the Local Education Authorities, Councils and the schools themselves. It's just easier to blame some vague 'Health and Safety' body.

If your classroom was colder than an Eskimo's nose only a few months ago, but is baking hot today, then have a look at this bit of their website

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Dack said...

Loving the rhetorical questions. Come on... we've all been wandering the supermarket aisles/watching the kettle/gazing out the window beyond bottom set 9 and at some point thought, cripes... 'Have the new Vibration Regulations come into force yet?'