Monday, June 21, 2010

HTC Hero

I have always found that after a couple of years or so, when I have finally mastered all the irritations, sorry- features of a mobile phone; it immediately stops working.

For the last six months I have cheerfully put up with my faithful old Nokia despite the fact that the button marked "2" does not work any more. However when "3" and "5" joined it in protest, I decided that maybe it was time to act.

As a result, I am now the proud owner of a box containing a phone called an 'HTC Hero'. It appears to have no buttons with numbers on them, which certainly seems like an oversight to me. The cheerful and enthusiastic Indian fellow (he claimed his name was 'Roger') who offered it to me when I phoned Orange, assured me that it was easy to use and that I would have access to a whole world of 'Apps' (?) and also the services of an Android. Presumably this will arrive separately in a larger box and will be useful around the house.

Any advice on Heroes, Apps or Androids will be gratefully accepted.


Anonymous said...

'Appen it will!

NorthernTeacher said...

That comment was by me, Northern Teacher. I think there was an android in the computer which made me hit the wrong button!

Dack said...

A pupe once got me a box of Heroes one Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I've been playing with one for about three weeks now, it really is intuitive (this from a thicko luddite).

Ask the students about apps, some of them are useful.retrat

Daedalus said...

Try here:-

which gives an excellent review. I have used HTC phones exclusively since the original TyTn but they are Windows mobile phones not Android they have all been excellent and have been recycled to the kids who all appreciate the quality.


Ulla said...

I have a Hero and love it. Just turn it on, scroll right and hit 'market' - download a game called 'traffic jam' (recommended by MENSA) and never be bored standing in line (or teaching) again.