Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Andrew Lansley

Although Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has said a few good things in the past (ie "people who see fat people around them are likely to get fat themselves"), he is wrong to knock Jamie Oliver's desperate attempt to improve school dinners.

Most people had absolutely no idea how far canteens had fallen since they were kids. In the thirty years since I was eating in them, they changed from places where cooks made fairly nutritious meals with vegetables (admittedly often boiled to death) to places where clueless people heated up pre packaged horrors consisting of reconstituted animal bits and chips.

Oliver simply tried to do what Heads should have done years previously but lacked the courage to attempt.

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Lilyofthefield said...

People are never going to sacrifice indulgence for health while you give them the choice. All children should be expected (I mean "made") to eat what the school canteen provides, and that should be seeking to address the likely shortcomings in the rest of the day's diet.