Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wellington Grey's Petition

Having only two neurons, I was unable to remember to post a link to Wellington Grey's petition.

He is daft enough to think that Physics should be a rigorous, factual and mathematical study of the Laws that govern our Universe.

We know of course, that it should just be a mindless debate about Global Warming, Biofuels or Nuclear Power. But he seems like a decent chap so humour him and sign up.

One thing is for sure: they won't be teaching 'Science Without The Science' in China.


Anonymous said...

I notice you haven't signed it, Frank.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to sign it, btw. Whilst I agree that there's too much liberal nonsense in the curriculum (especially in England), there has to be room for opinion and informed debate in physics. If you disagree, you demonstrate that you don't know much about the subject beyond 1970's secondary level.

Anonymous said...

I took 'O' Level Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 1978 and the septh of knowledge required was far beyond what is needed now.

Debating scientific issues is an utter waste of time when the pupils have no idea of the basic science behind them.

As a parent without a degree I have no idea what all those letters after your name are, but I am very concerned that my own son is not being adequately prepared for 'A' Level and beyond by the wishy washy stuff he does in modern Science.

If I think that there is little science in it and I only have a few 'O' Levels then surely that says something.

Here's my best example: he can talk endlessly in vague terms about why nuclear power is bad but I have to show him how to do a graph of half life vs time.

Anonymous said...

I'm certain that this dumbing down of the science curriculum is driven by the fact that we have an acute shortage of science teachers who know anything about science.

Anonymous said...

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