Monday, June 25, 2007

Gordon Brown

Here's Gordon Brown from his last ever Mansion House speech last week:

"I want a Britain where there is no cap on ambition, no ceiling on talent, no limit to where your potential will take you and how far you can rise"

I suspect that, just like like Tony Blair's 'Education, education, education!' this one will come back to haunt him. I also think that it will make the perfect back cover quote for my next book, provisionally titled "In The Company of Dwayne'


Bag said...

Bear in mind he says he wants one. I want an Aston Martin but it doesn't make my list of things to save up for.

He is going to do anything about it there are many more important things to do first such are repeal the FOI for MPs, get more rises for MPs, sort out his pension. the list is endless.

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