Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Paris Bloody Hilton

I turned on the news this morning to see a helicopter flying over what looked like a swamp. Then the reporter was showing where an elderly man had been drowned, and saying that the body of a thirteen year old boy had just been recovered. Suddenly he was interrupted by the studio girl breathlessly announcing:

"Sorry John, we've got to go to Los Angeles where Paris Hilton has just been released!"

Have we, or have we not got things seriously wrong when the sighting of some halfwit celebrity is clearly considered to be more important than a tragedy?


ba ba said...

Good point.

Anonymous said...

phew, I'm glad I didn't miss out on paris getting released. That would have been devastating:(
anyways back to 24/7 coverage of big brother!

alanorei said...

Well said, Mr C.

PH must be really desperate for publicity. Usually, her kind just arrange a divorce, e.g. Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston etc.

Anonymous said...

To arrange a divorce, PH firstly would have to find an idiot who is daft enough to marry her, spoilt brat that she is.
Unfortunately, the likes of her and Mrs Beckham are "role models" for many kids now. Ask VB what a vacuum is and she'll say "I do'nt quite know, i've got it in my brain somewhere".

Unknown said...

Too generous there, old son: quarterwit maybe.

alanorei said...

Tonight's News at 10 seemed to be back on track reporting on the flooding in Sheffield as first priority.

I haven't heard any reports of our own celebs campaigning for disaster relief, though.

Wouldn't this be an occasion for Sir Bob Geldof to take initiative?

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Paris Hilton is the dimmest of wits. Take it from me: I live here!

Anonymous said...

alanorei - nah the slebs still have to find maddie before they can donate to a minor cause like a bit of flooding.

ba ba said...

Mr chalk! you gotta see this, its an American newsreader throwing away, shredding and trying to burn the lead 'news' script of "paris bloody hilton" - entirely real and spontaneous :-)