Saturday, June 02, 2007

Where, oh where do they get them from?

Look at this clown

Why is it that in times like this, when we are in desperate need of tough, no nonsense leaders who can face down parents, back up good staff to the hilt and rule with a rod of iron; all we get is the helpless and the hopeless?

Here's the link:,'lead%20learner'/


Anonymous said...

It wouldn't load. Was it a picture of David Cameron? Or his lookalikes: Lord Percy from Blackadder II or Robin Hood in the kids' programme Maid Marian?

No, no.... it was Postman Pat?

David said...

Off topic but you should see what the loony left are up to in Scotland.

I sent the following to the EIS at the weekend.

"As a former member of the Armed Forces I was saddened to read the proposal for the AGM by the Edinburgh Branch that military recruitment should be banned from schools and colleges. I know of many ex Forces personnel male and female who are teaching or training as such. Indeed my school has a high proportion of Forces students whose parents put themselves at risk voluntarily. What a slap in the face from people who obviously have no idea of the sacrifices we and our families made and continue to make to ensure that Edinburgh Branch can safely show themselves up without fear of being dragged off to a dismal fate. May I conclude that Fire, Police and NHS recruitment will also be banned on the same grounds, namely that they are dangerous occupations?

Kindly cancel my membership immediately. I will look for guidance and support elsewhere as is my democratic right which continues to be upheld and protected by the same Armed Forces that Edinburgh Branch would disparage. Thank you."

Methinks they went on holiday to San Francisco or somewhere to come up with a daft idea like that!

Anonymous said...

Neither link works. HELP!

Anonymous said...

here's the link

Anonymous said...

bother ... try making it into a hyperlink now ...

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cheeky chappy said...

Absolutely chuffing stupid! When, oh when will people wake up and realise that this child centred, approach which allows pupils and students see themselves as equals to adults and teachers is the wrong way to go?

We've had over 20 years to show us what happens when you give children the power to challenge and question authority, it leads to the kind of bad behaviour we see almost on a daily basis. The softly softly placating of children doesn't work. For real discipline to take a hold, young people need ruling with a rod of iron in their formative years. They need to be taught that until they themselves reach adulthood where they like it or not they do as they are told.

If we want to reinstill a sense of discipline we need to go back to the days of the 40-50-60-70's, when most children were scared of getting into trouble because there were effective punishments that they were actually frightened of.

I'll say it again a SMALL amount of fear is no bad thing for children.

Children are not adults and neither should they be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

"Earlier this year it received a glowing Ofsted report, with inspectors congratulating Mr Chappel on his "outstanding leadership"."

Tells me all I need to know. We got much the same comment and very few of our SMT (and certainly not our 'lead learner') strike me as being able to find their own backsides with the help of both hands, a map, torch, "dummies" guide and GPS system; let alone manage something.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. It would be nice if children recognised that adults rightfully have authority over them, and adults' judgement, based on many years of experience, wisdom and enlightened self-interest is likely to be better than theirs, and respected the fact. But where, for whatever reason, that respect has withered on the vine or flown out of the window (I love the smell of a mixed metaphor in the morning), fear of physical pain will do nicely.

malpas said...

The only person granted real authority over children is your local drug dealer. He gets respect.

Anonymous said...

An astute comment, CramerJ. Perhaps we should therefore make drug-dealers headteachers? Their morals would hardly be inferior to many of the new breed of careerist buffoons at the helm, and I'm sure their business and communication skills would be a great boon for preparing people for life in the Hobbesian nightmare, aka "real world".