Monday, June 25, 2007

We Don't Need No Education

Ditching lessons is definitely the way forward; why didn't I think of that before? What we really need is more 'Cultural Understanding' and of course 'Diversity'

If you do visit the Government's e-petitions site, have a look at some of the funnier ones and sign up to get those toerags peddling.


Anonymous said...

It's all too believable. I wouldn't usually link to one of my own rambles but it takes up less space here. A recent education-centred conversation between me and one of my neighbours' daughters:

Anonymous said...

This can't be true, I'm dreaming right?

Anonymous said...

please tell me that this is joke.
at this rate, i'll probably have to emigrate to ireland or france to ensure my kids get a decent education.

Anonymous said...

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