Wednesday, February 28, 2007

PC Daniel Coffill

Have a read of this awful story on Inspector Gadget's blog. It just about sums up everything that is wrong with our society today.

The two wretches who did this were once perfectly average little boys. Lack of willingness by parents and schools to discipline them and tell them what is right and what is wrong made them into disruptive, violent and unpleasant young adults.

Then they encounter a Police Force hampered by endless petty restrictions, forms and political correctness together with a legal system which has caved into Government pressure to keep crime figures down at any cost by making prosecutions ever harder and sentencing ever lighter. In charge of all this we have a Government who prefer to let criminals roam the streets rather than admit that we need to build a lot more jails.

The result is the awful tragedy of PC Daniel Coffill and his final kick in the teeth as yet another judge demonstrates the huge gulf separating them from mainstream public opinion by deciding to let his attackers out a bit earlier so that they can continue to behave in exactly the same way.


Anonymous said...

I feel deeply heart sick for the poor young man's family, what must they be going through at this time?

If you have been convicted of such a barbaric act, I firmly believe that the same should be done to the perpatrators! Let the little thugs be beaten up by the P.C's collegues. If the two thugs should then die as a result of this beating so be it, they are a waste of space anyway.

I firmly believe (in some extreme cases such as this where the violence was awful and their lack of feeling and remorse quite apparent) that we should adopt an eye for an eye stance. Failing that I would accept that these arsehles should stay in prision at least until the young P.C returns to full health.

We are far too soft on crime, we should adopt a middle eastern stance (i.e if you are done for stealing you have your hand chopped off.) Yes it's ruling through fear, but so what the ends (i.e a safe and respectable country) justifies the means.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Frank for the link. Please see the comments on my original post for a poem by Dan's brother.

Anonymous said...

They are scum whom it is not worth keeping alive much less at public expense. Low intellect and the usual crap parenting are not good enough excuses for their continued existence.

Anonymous said...

Please someone tell us what we can do about this total mess as voting every five years is a total waste of time.

With police unable to become involved with politics or strike there has to be another way to stop this country going down the pan.

Ideas suggestions please.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they are given the "special attention" they deserve once they are let out (way too soon).

dearieme said...

The only useful lesson we can learn from the Bolsheviks is how to deal with feral children.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely pro-police, it's one of the only jobs I can think of worse than teaching in a hell-hole state school and, like teaching, is absolutely central to the continuance of any civilised society. So, as Frank and P.C. Copperfield have so honestly, clearly and devastatingly shown, the fact that state education and the police have been, near as damn it, destroyed in this country means that we are well and truly up a certain waterway without a certain implement.
As far as this case is concerned, I'm bang along side of Lily.
Further, as someone on Inspector Gadget's site said, faced with the inability/unwillingness on the part of government to do anything about the walking excreta ruling our streets and city centres, it can't be much longer until vigilante groups begin meting out some old fashioned retribution to the sickening scum whose continued existence is a stain on the whole country.

Mary said...

But... but... WHY? What on earth kind of reason could there be for reducing the sentences? Sticking to the original sentence I can totally understand. Increasing the sentence when the extent and long-term nature of the PC's injuries and disability became apparent, I would understand. But what possible factors could have led to a sentence reduction???

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Just occasionally, there's something to be said for secret death squads ...

Anonymous said...

Sing along Marcus:
"Woke up this morning
Got yourself a gun"

I used to think it was the height of hubris to imagine yourself more able to see injustice and mete out a righteous retribution than the people trained and elected to do so, but I am modifying my opinion on that subject daily.

Good job we have gun laws.

Anonymous said...

it's semi believable, this, isn't it.
i wouldn't personally advocate violence against thew two thugsd if and when they get out of prison because i'd be sinking to their level and that would fill me with despair.

however, i pray nightly for the day whren i switch on the radio and find five mps, five judges and five senior guardian journalists have been robbed/raped/murdered in their homes at night by amoral, feral scum.

i think that is the only thing which will make a difference.

Anonymous said...

It is so sad to read of this story, and so depressing. You summarised it perfectly, it is all that is wrong with Britain today. The frustrating thing is, those of us who are level-headed and 'right-minded' can see what is wrong with society and know how to punish these two. But why is it that we are frustrated by the liberal do gooders who get in the way? Since when did they rule our country, how did we let it get so bad? What in the political process enabled the liberals to take over and dissolve natural British common sense? I feel sad and upset for PC Coffill and his family - I feel sickened that we have enabled this to happen. What do we do? Where do we go from here?

Anonymous said...

MP's design the system and make the laws so as they can carry out their holy corrupt activities to line their pockets knowing they are as immune to the criminal justice system as they can make it. Crimes against the community perpetrated by government if prosecuted and punished by the American system of consecutive sentences would put all MP's on 100 year in the slammer as those who just stand by let their political colleagues get away with murder on paper are just as guilty by association.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Lily, as I'm sure you're aware, there's a whole field of debate to be opened up when we mention gun laws.
I'm still somewhat ambivalent about whether or not the general public should be allowed to possess licensed firearms. But I increasingly find myself agreeing when I hear people suggesting it. We have very tough gun control laws in this country, which seems to mean that only criminals are armed on a regular (and increasing) basis.
The government is dead against (no pun intended!) an armed citizenry, as it would be seen, accurately, as the admission that the police do not control our streets.
In, fact, when I was involved in an unpleasant incident some years ago where I was being threatened by local trash for attempting to to teach their children properly, the two policemen who came to speak to me told me (off the record) that "We're not allowed do what we ought to. We lost control of the streets years ago"
Now, where did I put that copy of "Guns & Ammo"?

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't want just anyone to get themselves a gun, Marcus. No, no, shades of "Would you let your wife or your servant read it".

*I* can have a gun because I, in my maturity, esperience and wisdom, will only use it to cleanse the streets of scum like these two, and possibly some minor but painful wounding on the students next door who had us up twice in the night last night to ask them to turn the music off and stop screaming.

alanorei said...

Consider the following, from the organisation's site on policies:

"LAW AND ORDER - crack down on crime!

The BNP will crack down on crime and restore public safety and confidence. We will free the police and courts from the politically correct straitjacket that is stopping them from doing their job properly. The liberal fixation with the 'rights' of criminals must be replaced by concern for the rights of victims, and the right of innocent people not to become victims. We support the re-introduction of corporal punishment for petty criminals and vandals, and the restoration of capital punishment for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers as an option for judges in cases where their guilt is proven beyond dispute, as by DNA evidence or being caught red-handed."

Once spleens have been vented if necessary in the usual way, about "racist, Nazi, knuckle-dragging, skin-headed, scumbag thugs etc," all you have to do is find a political party that endorses the above policy but is not perceived as answering to the above description and vote it into office.

I think the options are limited, though.

Anonymous said...

I like their position on Law and Order (indeed I tend toward the Stalin Method of Friendly Persuasion where criminal scrotes are concerned) but I can't be doing with the racism.

alanorei said...

If they are ruled out for that reason (and the term is yet to be defined by their most vehement critics, e.g. Searchlight), what is the political alternative?

Because at the end of the day, a political solution is imperative.

And the main parties don't give the proverbial two monkeys' about victims of crime.

Which in part is what prompted the detailed analysis by ex-probation officer of 26 years' service, David Fraser, entitled A Land Fit for Criminals.

Anonymous said...

What makes me so mad is that you see this sort of thing happening every day. Every time you switch the news on in fact. Like those thugs who burst into a christening and shot a woman then continued to rob the other members of the party. They couldn't be sent back to their country of origin because they were too young!!! My mother in law (a social worker!!) was telling me how it wasn't his fault because he had a terrible upbringing. In my opinion there are very few things that could justify murder. Particularly in the ways we seem to be seeing so much recently.
It's a disgrace and something needs to be done.

ba ba said...

I came over here to let you know of the antics of a good for nothing supply teacher.

However ill write a bit more. Please come over to my blog. I have a huge extract from a science fiction book that describes what is wrong with our society and mirrors your thoughts in this post and expands on them tenfold. I put it on my blog as the tragedy of PC Daniel Coffill made it seem even more prescient.

Secondly, onto the reason I came here. A supply teacher just stood there infront of the class while some kids smoked weed!!!! jeez. What can i say! i have a write up of that little incident on my blog too, courtesy of a fellow nationalist blogger who is still at school.

What would be the best thing for him to do you you think Mr Chalk? tell the head? commit suicide? have a drag? i mean i just cant get over the teacher *not doing anything*

ba ba said...

Whoops, forgot the links.

This is the post concerning PC Daniel Coffill containing the book extract;

And this is the post about the supply teacher and the drugs;

Anonymous said...

Its the reason police are paid 30,000 and have a gold plated pension, all to be glorified security guards.
If you are paid danger money, you must expect something like this to happen.
He did not need to become a policeman, he could have done something useful (and cheaper) like a security guard

I guess he must have forgot to stick handing out speeding fines and arresting paki 'terrorists' every time the goverment has a scandal, too bad, but their are plenty of other police oficers willing to turn our country into a police state.

Anonymous said...

amigauser - you're a twat. and a heartless cunt.
first off, this poor lad is in a coma. you might not care about him, but it could be you next time - and shitbags like you are the first to start bleating for the police.

worst of all, though, you're stupid. he was off duty and out of uniform. the fact that he was a copper is irrelevant.

i really hope this happens to you or your children. then we'll see how big and tough you are.

Anonymous said...

you think I'm haertless, you should read the responses on this blogg about death squads, middle east justice etc

The police in this country only really care about crime if they can issue you with a fine, if they cannot, you had best hope that they view the crime as a promotion bonus else they will soon lose the paperwork

I'm sure you all on this blogg will still be pro police when they are asking for your papers (id card) and they are declaring you a terrorist and imprisoning you without trial.
Welcome to SSGB where only the rich have rights

Anonymous said...

Amigauser, I am guessing that you are under 40.

ba ba said...

Its not the polices fault, its the politicians who make the laws.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what's happeed to Frank? Don't know about anyone else but I'm starting to get withdrawl symptoms. Frank we need your next blog.

Fank Chalk is the Messiah of education!....(and I should know I've follwed a few.)

Best chat up line ever... "Excuse me ms, but does this rag smell like Chloroform?" Hehehe, yes I know it's naughty but I have a black sense of humour.


Anonymous said...

Called away on urgent business, I'm sure he will be back Sunday or early next week.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you're under 4 with spelling that bad. You're IQ is considerably lower.

Anonymous said...

'I cant be doing with the racism' is an example the mindlock that the liberlas/neo-Marxists (call 'em what you will) have over ordinary decent Britons. If we cannot get past this and support the BNP - believe me, a thoroughly decent body of men and women in every way - then our slow and steady descent into barbarism will continue.

lilyofthefield this is not a dig at you - I always enjoy your posts

Anonymous said...

No offence taken, againstthewall. I am whatever the opposite of bleeding heart is in matters of balance between the rights of the victim and the perp. I believe that at this time, the need to establish deterrent (or at least removal from the streets) in the form of sure and sharp punishment outweighs the tiny possibility that a few civil liberties might get trampled along the way. Indeed I believe that if necessary, civil liberties should be suspended because we are not living in St Mary Mead circa 1935; and it accords fine with Marxism - from each according to his abilities. We the educated/decent/fair/non-scum whatever you like to think you are should be prepared to sacrifice some of the freedoms we enjoy in the long game to protect others.

I believe that it's about time we painted a big notice on the white cliffs of Dover saying "Sorry, full", not because I have anything against asylum seekers, refugees or economic migrants but because we are stretched enough providing for our own sick, unemployed, leadswinging and unemployable. Cramming more in is what makes the fight for resources turn into racist prejudice.

I've heard Nick Griffin speak at a semi-public meeting, and a close friend's husband is a mate (to her eternal embarrassment) of Mark Collett and I am in no doubt that harnessing existing racism is key to their progress. Whils that remains the case my hard line in almost everything else still awaits a party to hang it on.

Anonymous said...

Here here Lily. I agree totally. If only you were in the government. I do not understand why we keep letting people in, when our education, health, housing are pushed to the very limit (to name a few). Countries like America and Australia (hows much bigger in size are they compared to us?) and have a much more stringent entrance procedure. Just another thing I don't understand.

Anonymous said...

There already is a Vigilante Organisation in Britain, set up recently!
And Daniel Coffill features on their site:

Anonymous said...

how appropriate that the vigilante mob should promote themselces within a discussion of the bnp, they being led by a bnp supporter and attracting bnp types. looks like it's a front.

but like the bnp, they aren't popular. 15 whole members on their forum.