Monday, February 19, 2007

Book Reviews

Here's a couple of book reviews for your amusement:

Amazon Scroll down to Richard Knight's review on Feb 7th. I don't think that he's a big fan of mine but nevertheless I owe him a great debt of thanks for giving me an excellent idea:

No matter what we might think of Jeremy Clarkson, the indisputable truth is that he has sold over 2 million books, making him one of Britain's most popular authors. If we can start the rumour that I am actually him; then before you know it, myself and Mrs C will be frolicking in the Bahamas. I urge all readers to spread the word whilst I nip into town for some Levis and a nice perm.

City Journal This one's by Theodore Dalrymple. I'm not sure whether 'Gogol' is just 'Google' spelt wrongly. I shall email him to ask.


Anonymous said...

hope your joking about Gogol

Anonymous said...

What reviews? There only seems to be one review for your book, and that's the original review. No others, and no Richard Knight either. Am I missing something??

Anonymous said...

Wobbler - click on the 'Amazon' link and scroll down the page that comes up. Richard Knight's review is the third one down, and what a cock he sounds. I think he may work at our school.
The Theodore Dalrymple one is slightly closer to the mark I feel :-)

Anonymous said...

jerym eedy: hope you know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'

sorry, i'm a pedant, can't help it, old school teacher :-(

Anonymous said...

have just bought the book, will let you know what i think of it after i've read it!

Anonymous said...

Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol (Russian: April 1, 1809 — March 4, 1852) was a Ukrainian-born Russian writer. Although his early works were heavily influenced by his Ukrainian heritage and upbringing, he wrote in Russian and his works belong to the tradition of Russian literature. The novel Dead Souls (1842), the play Revizor (1836, 1842), and the short story The Overcoat (1842) are counted among his masterpieces.

Anonymous said...

My only hope is that 'Theodore Dalrymple' is someone with influence who may be able to stop/slow the sad but seemingly inexorable decline of the UK. I thought his article, though long, was spot on (and very terrifying).

Anonymous said...

'Theodore Dalrymple' is a now-retired psychiatrist, who worked for many years in a prison and a hospital in a 'troubled' area.

Having recently discovered his writing, I agree that it would be good to see him have more influence. He'd be more use as an MP than many I could think of.

He's now gone to live in France (if I recall correctly his wife is French) so his influence is most likely to continue to be as a writer.

There's a lot of his stuff on the Internet, notably in a New York magazine called the City Journal.

He's also produced several books. I can recommend 'Life at the Bottom'.