Wednesday, February 21, 2007

No More Spam For Us (hopefully)

A deluge of spam from people who seem to think that my readers are desperate for Viagra, dubious pictures and homemade drugs means that you now have to type in some random letters to show that you are a real person each time you leave a comment.

Sorry about the extra hassle.


Anonymous said...

Won't the vendors of these helpful products be able to read the letters?

Who would teach in England? said...

Mr Chalk, you have inspired me.

Anonymous said...

The vendors use automated programmes called 'spambots' which are usually defeated by having to input letters from a keyboard. (for the time being anyway.) The only real way to beat them is never to click on them.

Anonymous said...

hill is partially correct. However spambots that can read the letters are in the wild but not yet common due to the additional costs associated with buying them.

Spammers love cheap.