Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sydney here I come!

Good news for all of you in Downunder Land. My book will shortly be published in Australia.

You may note an interesting parallel with the Real World, where action has been replaced by debate. Once upon a time we used to actually send our criminals and their offspring there, now we just send my views on them instead.

I have suggested a book tour of the East Coast, taking in all the diving and surfing areas...


Anonymous said...

I bought two copies of your book and sent one back home to a teaching colleague in Australia. She thought it was a 'wind up' as you Poms say...until I told her the author (you Frank) swears every word is true.

She's still shaking at the thought!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Sir. Any chance of them turning us into one of their colonies so we can be saved from our own education system? Though my daughter did insist she would never go to school if she had to wear a gingham dress a la Neighbours.

alanorei said...

I left the Sydney education system in 1963 but I would guess that some St Jude's environments exist there, as do St John's.

Re: Neighbours, have no fear, the programme is based in Melbourne (well-to-do suburbs to the south east of the city, I suspect), 500 miles south of Sydney.

Melbourne-ites were once described by a Sydney-sider (circa 1950s) as a "a weird mob."

I don't guess much has changed in that respect. (I lived and worked there for 6 years in the 1970s.)

Although Sydney has its share of oddballs - see Home and Away, filmed at Palm Beach, roughly an hour's drive north of the city centre.

That said, as indicated, you'd probably have no great difficulty finding a St John's, but stick to the outer suburbs to be on the safe side.

Anonymous said...

But can they actually spell simple English word properly there?

BTW, this might just make you feel 'jumping for it', too!!


Colin Campbell said...

When I lived in Singapore I used to have a client in the Philippines and I stayed at the dive resort. I had a number of weeks where the morning started with a short dive and after completing my work an evening dive before many San Miguels. Now I just drive to work here in Adelaide.