Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Time's Running Out

The last date for signing the petition is in a couple of weeks so please sign it if you agree with its aims and haven't yet done so.

It's ranked about 140th which isn't too bad since I chose to leave it up for a shorter time period than many of the others and the site simply rates them in order of the total number of signatures. There are a few entertaining ones and some poor Government minion will no doubt get the job of replying to them all.

By the way I've discovered why the lady who blogs about living in a cottage somewhere is all over the Sunday Times. It's because she used to work for them!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The word ‘nepotism’ springs to mind.

Those hack-types seem to fret terribly when one of their own goes into self-imposed exile in the harsh reality of the grim north. So the editors offer their former employees wads of cash in return for a few brave words on how hard life is not being within striking distance of a Waitrose that does home deliveries.

Yes, it really is that bad up there.