Sunday, March 11, 2007

Can't You All Behave Yourselves?

I go away for a week and look what happens...

Poor Toni Comer, whilst taking a break from looking after her two year old, accidently got howling drunk, was thrown out of a nightclub, vandalised someone's car, then punched, bit and spat at the poor copper unlucky enough to have to arrest her. Obviously she is a victim who needs urgent compensation.

This chap is sacked for saying things that he knew to be true, but which fall into the category of 'Things you can't say'

20 % of parents can't get their kid into their first choice of school. Tony B says that the solution is to have more good schools. Now why didn't anybody else think of that?


Anonymous said...

I read today somewhere: If you want slaves, yuou don't educate them to be masters". Puts it in a nutshell. If our youngsters were to receive a decent education, what would their votes be???????

Anonymous said...

Poor Toni Comer. She's had a difficult time so what's wrong with assaulting a policeman, whe was only retalliating trying to castrate him, so what? The poor, poor woman has a couple of kids by more than a couple of dads, she's being victimsed and racially abused and she was only being investigated for a bit of aggravation by her white neighbours (ha, racist abuse, again, there we go!).....the world is against her and societey owes her. and we'll all pay up as usual.

Anonymous said...

Leaving aside the vigour of the arresting officer's self-defence, is this pissed-up slapper who gets nasty when she drinks facing any charges for drunk and disorderly, assaulting a copper, resisting arrest, vandalising a car?

[tumbleweed drifts across screen]

Anonymous said...

The greatest satirists couldn't do better than this!
Even if we leave aside the facts that she has two kids before she's even 19 yrs old (by different, "absent fathers"?) then leaves them while she goes off boozing and clubbing, the facts are:
1. She was so drunk, she was ejected from a (less than salubrious nightclub), refused to go quietly and vandalised a car.
2. The police were called to deal with her drunk and disorderly behaviour and her criminal damage.
3. She resisted arrest, actually attacking the policeman who was trying to do his legal duty.
4. In the course of the arrest the policeman was forced to defend himself using Home Office approved and taught methods. He did not "punch" her, he used the fleshy underside of his fist, as he had been taught.
5. When someone has drunk a large amount of alcohol, they are insensitive to pain, ask any doorman, copper or A&E nurse, only brute force will have any effect, no matter how big or small they are.
6. It is far safer when arresting a non-compliant person to use three or more officers, it reduces the risk to the arresting officers and to the criminal.
7. Toni Comer does not have a medical diagnosis of epilepsy and was not receiving medication at the time. She herself admits she is "self-diagnosed".
8. The next day she did not complain to anyone about anything , probably because she knew there were NO mitigating circumstances in her favour.
9. She did not require ANY medical treatment, she sustained NO injuries other than "cuts and bruises", as you would at least expect after getting falling down drunk and resisting arrest.
10. She and her parents sniffed out the possibility of compensation after someone at the nightclub sent the, selective, clip of CCTV to the press.
11. There is NO evidence whatsoever of ANY racial element. She was a violent, abusive, criminal drunk.
12. People geunuinely having an epileptic fit are not cpable of making coordinated actions such as attempting to grab a mans genitals. I have never heard of an epileptic vandalising a car in a fit, either.
Aside from the facts, Toni Comer, her parents and any solicitor or lawyer who takes her case ought to be hung out to dry for this sleazy, parasitic attempt to get money out this incident, Also, they all should be made to publicly apologise to the policeman in question, preferably at the ceremony to reward him for his dedication to duty and restraint (yes, restraint) in the face of outrageous provocation.

Wally Windsor said...

Maybe the piss-head slapper should be facing a bit of "summary justice" - like a blasting from a double-barrelled shotgun?

It would certainly save the taxpayer a few quid. And the kids would probably end up getting fostered/adopted by proper parents (and TWO of them)!