Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Anyone fancy the Head's job here?

Haven't these people read the Government Menial's response to my petition? Don't they know that everything is fine in schools now and whinging old gits like me are just moaning about nothing.

Headmaster Mark Morrall says that the behaviour of his pupils is mostly very good. Hmmm. why's he leaving after just 12 months then? Wouldn't it be great if he had the courage to be honest and just say:

"Actually they're a nightmare and I'm not daft. Bye!"

This article is chock full of funny quotes so I'll shut up and let you read it.


Anonymous said...

"around 50 residents were told by police that they were going to have to learn to stay inside between 3.30pm and 4.15pm."

Yes well, this is the woman who was told by the Police not to complain to the students next door about their midweek small-hours noise because "it antagonises them."

How about the coppers staging a very visible presence around the school gates between 3.30 and 4.15, or does that just sound too much like common sense to have a chance?

These will be the very people wringing their hands at the breakdown of society when vigilant(e?)ism finally (and soon) gets its hour in the sun.
As with your piece on Daniel Colfill, we the victims are getting tired of having to defer to the villains' Human Right to do wahtever they want.

Anonymous said...

I would encourage these kids to stage a coup and take over Parliament.Do we think their behaviour will then be challenged?Nah.It reminds me of a film starring Goldie Hawn where she is so incensed by the indulgence shown by liberal parents to their brat of a daughter,that she storms out of the house exclaiming,'Who the f**k is in charge here?'We know who is in charge here.

Anonymous said...

It's not without precedent.

In 1818 they had to call the army to deal with the children's behaviour at Winchester.


Anonymous said...

hang on a minute. i thought sir ian blair said london was now a paradise of unlocked doors and crime-free streets?

Anonymous said...

This is getting beyond parody. Please God, one day soon, a few judges, MPs, senior coppers and Guardian leader writers get taken out by kids like these. Then we might see some changes.

Can the local people withhold the police element of their council tax?

And do you really believe that, outwith the '40 or 50 troublemakers' the next 40 or 50 worst kids are basically half-decent. Or, like me, would you imagine that around 25% of the children in that school actually want to learn and are having their lives ruined in front of their eyes by degenerate, feral scum?

Anonymous said...

God I'm angry!!!!!

It's about bloody time that we went back 40 or 50 years, and started putting kids back in their place (i.e seen but very rarely hurd.)

What about their civial liberties and need to develop and express themselves? I hear you say.

Tough, they've had 20 nearly 30 years to demonstrate to us what happens to the majority of young people who aren't ruled with a rod of iron.

Adult freedoms and free rain should not be given to people until they reach 18, then they can start to learn to express themselves; until then they should have to do as they are told.

If any liberal do gooder on here wants to come back and say, but that will stiffle them and make them into maladjusted adults who can't function in society. My response to that would be: look at your parents and maybe more importantly grandparents, who were brought up in the days of very harsh corpral punishment and raised under the maxim of a child should be seen but not heard, and who weren't given an ounce of the freedoms that kids have today until they reached 18 or 21. Did they turn into maladjusted adults who couldn't function in society? No they didn't!

What's more because the vast majority of them had been brought up with such strict ideals of discipline and behaviour, they tended to carry that with them into adulthood.

Again, think back to your grandparents day and ask yourselves whether they would have caused as much trouble, or left people scared to go out of their doors.

It's all very well and good saying the world has moved on and times are different now, but that just acts as a justification and an apology for bad behaviour. I would also add that times are different now, in terms of discipline and behaviour they are very much worse. If this is where all our modern convinences and freedoms have got us, for me you can keep them, because they have ruined our society and corrupted it.

I would also argue that the time for talking and pleeding with our politicians is over, they don't listen, or are too weak to actualy grasp the nettle and be honest with us.

It's time for action, and I'm sorry but what we need is vigilantism, we need to take back our streets and put kids back in their place (I would suggest with a bloody good hiding) and show them that they have to do as we tell them, whether they like it or not. Maybe once we demonstrate to our politicians that we want the same strict discipline prosedures that we had 50 or 60 years ago reintroducing and we wont stop till they give us them. Tony Blair, Cameron and all the other weak minded fools might just start listening.

Bring back corpral and capital punishment, its the only way.

Wally Windsor said...

A good knee-capping wouldn't do a few of them too much harm. But at least they wouldn't be able to run the place like a pirate ship.

Anonymous said...

Oh I see, so it's the residents' fault for being out on the streets between 3.30 and 4.15 and antagonising the little darlings! When is all this nonsense going to stop? We're on a one-way street to anarchy! Yobs travelling for free around south London does not help either - if they had to pay to get to a fight, they wouldn't bother.

Mary said...

disillusioned welsh teacher: My guess would be that 25% of the kids, as you say, are decent and reasonably bright kids who want to learn, pass exams, and make something of their lives, and 25% are the sort of little horrors Mr Chalk mentions so often, who don't belong in an academic mainstream school environment because it's no good for them, and they're no good for everyone else in it.

Part of the trouble is the remaining 50% of kids, the "floating voters" so to speak. Where once they might have had enough respect for their parents, teachers, coppers, etc, to sway towards the civilised, now they just see that the horrors are getting all the rewards (days out, vouchers for all sorts of stuff, extra attention) and sway towards that instead.

And against 75% of a school, it probably IS better to stay inside with the doors locked and the windows barred.

Anonymous said...

6th Annon, who starts with "God I'm angry!!!"

Can I just say that I whole heartedly agree with your post. You make some very perceptive points. I particularly liked your arguments about looking back on the way our grandparents were brought up, and the kind of respectable manners and behaviour they demonstrate. They are most definately a shining example of how people can be when they are raised with very firm, even severe discipline.

Thinking about my 83 year old grandad, who is to me the very example of an English gentleman, he is curteous (stands up whenever a lady enters the room, open doors for people, always calls people sir or madame and always says please and thankyou)just generally well mannered and respectful. He used to tell me as a child that those sorts of qualities were instilled in him from an early age and enforced rigorously, by his parents, police and the school. He also said the minute you stepped out of line you were given a good beating.

Does he feel resentful of the fact he was beaten as a child...no he doesn't, as he said it was character building and it made sure that good manners and behaviour were engrained in him for the rest of his life.

He also told me that he and everyone else he knew as children were under no illusions about who was in charge, it was adults and until you got to 21 you did as you were told, whether you liked it or agreed with it or not. If you stepped out of line you knew what to expect, and as he said "it was the fear of getting "a good hiding" that kept you in check."

People should not be afraid of stepping out of their doors when the school kids are about, and it is certainly not them who should be blamed or treated like the guilty party.

You are also right on 2 other points. Firstly, People who say "the world has moved on etc etc" ARE simply justifying the bad behaviour and acting as apologists for kids who terrorise communities.

Secondly, I agree the time for talking and pleeding to weak minded, liberal politicians is over; we need action! I also think that if, as you say, a complete reintroduction to corpral and capital punishment isn't reintroduced within maybe 5 years, citizens of Britain will take to the streets themselves and deal with these youthful scum in the way they need to be delt with. i.e by once again giving them something to be afraid of.

The rest of you really should read the above post it makes some very good points. Well done annon, for my money you hit the nail on the head.

Frank Chalk is the new messiah of education (and I should now I've followed a few)


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with anonymous and say it's time to stand up to the yobs, maybe not as far as vigilantism but something close.

My partner was subjected to verbal and threats of physical abuse by a group of yobs who hung around a bus shelter en route to the local shop. As soon as I heard this I went and 'had words' with two of the biggest ones, since then not a peep.

If you ignore it or let them get away with it, it only compounds it up, let them know in no uncertain terms what is and what is not acceptable

alanorei said...

Darwin in reverse again.

As (I think) a very wise Baptist minister across the pond rightly observed many years ago:

"Back to the Bible [AV1611 King James, no modern counterfeits] or back to the jungle."

I guess it is fairly evident which way we are headed.

Anonymous said...

It would be NICE if children did what you told them because they respected your judgement, acknowledged your underlying concern for them and appreciated the rights of others. If however that shining acme of compliance cannot be counted on, then fear of physical pain will do me. It;s way better than appeasement or nothing at all.