Sunday, March 25, 2007


I know I've said this before, but I'm finally getting round to putting some notes up about 'It's Your Time...' (Link is on the right hand sidebar under the adverts)

By the way; if you were to make a TV series based on the book (and I can't say any more than this at the moment) how would you go about presenting it? ie would you make it in the style of any current shows?

Veteran readers of the blog will quickly realise that I am unashamedly trying to get you to do my own work for me. (I told you I was SMT material..)


oldandrew said...

"if you were to make a TV series based on the book (and I can't say any more than this at the moment) how would you go about presenting it?"

In the style of the Cook Report with members of SMT being confronted on their doorsteps to explain why their schools are so bad.

Anonymous said...

I would do a variation on the theme of 'wife swap.'

Get school SMT to swap jobs with people who have the same seniority in independent companies. People who actually have to work and be productive for a living, rather than waffle a lot and produce copious amounts of bullshit.

I predict that a successful SMT member will be astonished at the concept of being expected to treat colleagues and subordinates in a professional manner.

Or maybe do a Sir John Harvey Jones style 'Troubleshooter' investigation?

I worked in a public company for five years before becoming a teacher, and it still amazes me how the education sector allows such unprofessionalism and festering abuses of position and power to continue.


emily bishop said...

Neighbours-style. Every time a yoof demonstrates his immaturity, you could have SMT, a mentor, a TA and a link/liaison person sitting down and patiently explaining to the yoof where he is getting it so wrong. Then the yoof could say "I guess you're right. I've been such a fool!" Then it could be group hugs all round and a storyline that exists to demonstrate his new-found self-respect and sense of purpose.

Just like Reel Skool.

alanorei said...

I've posted a comment on the Characters section, which others may wish to evaluate?

Perhaps a sequel could be written with Mr Blunt as head?

Anonymous said...

If you're telling the story of the book then some kind of "ironic" Grange Hill style presentation would do it.

If your book is leading to an expose of the state of the education nation then I'd go with Andrew's Cook report theme.

Anonymous said...

"I predict that a successful SMT member will be astonished at the concept of being expected to treat colleagues and subordinates in a professional manner."

How do you define 'successful' in terms of SMT.
Brownest nose?
Longest arselick tongue?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Chalk,

what you should do is use this series to once and for all blow the lid on just how bad the education system is.

However, what it would take is a great deal of support from the teachers who read your blog.

What needs to happen is all the people who read this blog sign up to do some undercover work in their own schools. You would need as many teachers as possible up and down the country to go in and secretly film the disgusting behaviour and sheer madness that goes on, in arguably nearly every school the length and bredth of GB.

My reasoning: If you could show enough schools from different areas of the country and many different teachers experiencing the same problems, this would once and for all demonstrate how bad things have become. In addition if enough teachers were involved then all the evidence together would leave the government with nowhere to hide. They wouldn't be able to hide behind the retoric and excuse of "We realise that a small minority of schools have a few discipline problems."

The great thing about doing this on the T.V is that once the public saw it, the facts and the truth is out and it would force drastic action to be taken.

However, this approach would only work if enough teachers and T.A's got behind this. I'd guess the bare minimum would be 100. BUT and here is the big but: I read constantly on here how fed up teachers are of the way kids behave at school, well here is their chance to prove that they do want a radical change to be made.

Come on people let's use this as our way to really blow the lid of the scandal of this countries education system!

I would also like to add here that if you are not willing to be so radical and back such a wide reaching idea, then I would say you don't really want change to happen, so please stop moaning and grumbling about how bad things are.

The choice here people is yours


Anonymous said...

How about "Help - I'm a Teacher, get me out of here!", with the "winner" being crowned King, or Queen, of the "Interactive Whiteboard Jungle"!

Ant and Dec could be replaced by Tony (Blair)and Gordon (Brown), or anyone from SMT, getting the teachers to do "ridiculous trials" like running the gauntlet through one of their school's no-go areas, or getting through a lesson without sending a child out, or letting an undesirable one come in, or being sworn at or - well the list is endless. Viewers vote to keep the best teacher in - or the worst depending on whether the audience is sadistic or not. Why use teachers? Throw in all these government bods who think it's a small minority of unruly kids causing mayhem and see how long they last with the vast array of weapons they have at their disposal to tackle challenging behaviour!

Anonymous said...

anonymous at 22.15, you would be banged up for taking photos of fat/spotty/scrawny/scowling/greasy yoofs in case you were taking them home and salivating over them in the privacy of your own crusty sheets.

They've covered all the angles. We might as well admit defeat.