Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another me

When I read this, I thought "Has this bloke been reading my blog?"

But the sad truth is there's thousands of teachers in awful schools who could write the same thing.


Anonymous said...

Glad of the opportunity to rant about today's offerings - and remember I'm not even teaching anymore so they've no actual need to hate me; I merely occupy an office next to a classroom and do some gentle admin.

Something kicked off and then a fight broke out. A weeping girl was shoved into my office with no explanation, and the teacher asked me to escort a large young man to the sinbin (not my job but needs must).

I gestured at the door and said "Shall we be going then?" in a brisk sort of way and he loomed right over me with his fists clenched and said "Don't touch me, you f*cking bitch", to which I replied "Believe me, I have no desire to touch you at all." Since his friends found this amusing, he slammed the door so hard into the wall that one of its hinges snapped off.

But even that was naught compared with what had started the fight off: the class were cutting and pasting (Y10 GCSE!!!) pictures of foetuses into their books, and the lad shouted to the girl "This is what the one looked like that you had chopped up", referring to an abortion she had had the year before - he was not the father I should add. He took a handful of pictures and chopped them all up in front of her and threw the pieces at her head.

The point of this tale is not that all the kids at that school are scum, despite the amount of evidence they shove in your face everyday, but to gasp in gratitude that even the rest of that otherwise feral and undersocialised class found this vile display so crass and spiteful that when telling him to shut up didn't work, four lads punched him, which is where I came in.

Iain MacBain - or maybe not!!?? said...

I'd pay to be able to punch him.

Anonymous said...

Strange you should refer to just the one "other me" Frank (although I suppose it's easy to lose count after a while, eh?).

Still, it's all a little bit naughty, isn't it?