Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Richard Tremelling, Sledging Teacher Sacked.

Imagine two teachers, lets call them Teacher A and Teacher B.

Teacher A is completely useless, knows nothing about their subject, cannot control their classes and is full of all the latest nonsense. During their career they will ruin the chances of thousands of their pupils. Teacher B took some pupils sledging without incident.

Which one is most likely to be sacked?

Correct! Teacher A is still working in every town and city in England. Teacher B is Richard Tremelling.

There's a Facebook Group here that you can join if you think he should be reinstated. I've no idea whether these things do any good, but it doesn't cost anything, so it's probably worth it.


jaljen said...

I am disgusted and yet tragically not surprised by the treatment meted out to this chap. Who 'grassed him up'??? I hope pupils and parents campaign on his behalf if he's any good.

NorthernTeacher said...

Beyond belief!

TonyF said...

FFS. Elfin safety and risk aversion. It's no surprise this country is getting so shite at doing practical things.

Anonymous said...

Amazing and very worrying,

The English outdoor council has a great document called nothing ventured about risk benefit assessment.

If this had been followed, then this could have provided a good solution for all involved

Don said...

He's escaped being struck off at the disciplinary hearing, but the school is quoted as saying that they stand by their decision and won't reinstate him.

Oh, and it was apparently another teacher who "grassed him up" by reporting it to the headmistress. Shame on him/her.