Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Richard Tremelling again

There's an interview with Richard Tremelling here. He seems entirely sane, which is more than can be said for the howling moondogs who sacked him. One thing's for certain- we're on a slippery slope...

I am not suggesting for one minute that being English and an officer in the TA counted against him. If he wants my advice, I'd say that he should rent a shop directly opposite the school and start selling these sledges as they look superb.


Rich said...

Thank God my kids have all grown up.

Philip Watson said...

It makes me want to cry.

I'm a health and safety consultant, and reading through that article it sounds as if there are ABSOLUTELY NO GROUNDS for any action of any sort against this teacher.

One can only imagine that someone had it in for him, and was prepared to spend what must have been a vast amount of taxpayers money, having taken over two years, in order to get their own back.

Total nightmare and lack of human intelligence.

RuthnJasper said...

I couldn't believe it when I read the story about the unfortunate Mr. Tremelling. What on EARTH has happened to us?! I left secondary school in 1991, having largely enjoyed my years in education. And which teachers do I remember with the most affection and respect? Yes. Those who knew what they were talking about, were able to keep their classes under proper control - and were able to get salient points across with humour and light-hearted practical points. I wish there were more teachers like Mr. Tremelling - if there were, I daresay there would be a few less ignorant numpties churned out by the system to blight the employment world with their ignorance.

Sadly, though, the numpties seem to be running the show these days. And what sort of poisonous viper grasses up a colleague like this anyway? What sort of system actively backs up and supports the viper? My heart goes out to Mr. Tremelling - I cannot even imagine how wretched he and his family must be feeling. I hope they will be OK.

Ruth x

Ulla Lauridsen said...

You know - the health and safety circus in the UK seems a lot worse than in Denmark. My oldest kids school just brought out the kayaks and let the kids sled straddling them. Of course, they were not very stable, the bottom being round and all, so the kids kept tipping over in huge piles laughing. They had a wonderful time, needless to say.