Monday, October 20, 2008


Sony has decided to delay the release of its latest game because of fears that that the sound of a couple of lines from the Koran might cause offence.

This really is Political Correctness gone Mentally Challenged. The character in the picture appears to bear a startling resemblance to the Spaghetti Monster, so maybe there is scope for another religious group to get in on the act. (Although they should bear in mind that only the ones who firebomb or commit murder are allowed to have their sensitivities taken into account.)

In these troubled times, being offended has become Britain's only growth industry and we need to do everything we can to help it. I urge every one of you to get offended right now and extract compensation from foreign governments, companies and individuals. The money earned from this invisible export will be our only chance of preventing the economy from falling off a cliff.


Nick! said...

That's a slightly misleading article by the Times, there, isn't it?

I mean, the indignation and objections stated in the headline and subheadline only exist there - all the article itself says is that the "lines from the Koran were reported by online player of the game during testing".

Though the facts of the situation might be more enlightening, that doesn't indicate to me actual objections, so much as a potential neurotic knee-jerk reaction by a well-meaning scaredy-cat, followed by a retarded and unnecessary act of pre-emptive supplication by Sony.

You're right about the worrying rise of this sort of thing, but it's worth noting that a lot more computer games have been banned or removed from sale because of the whinging of concerned mums, the headline whoring of government officials in response, and the cowardice of the entertainment industry, than by any Muslim objections.

And Islam isn't the only religion that has gotten in on the act in the last couple of years, either.

Stupid mainstream media and their stupid bad journalism. It makes me want to poo.

MadOldBat said...

Except of course that it is not actually fear of offending. Good manners has nothing to do with it. As you say,what they fear is being blamed or rather being sued.
If a tribunal with the power to enforce its verdicts were to review such games (etc) and to pronounce their authors immune to prosecution they wouldn't give a toss. It's not like it would affect the sales to their chosen demographic.

Anonymous said...

My Deity is actually called the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and I take great offence at you failing to address His Noodlyness correctly.

I have been a proud Pastafarian ever since I discovered the word of the Prophet Bobby (Pesto be upon Him).


PS. Before anyone tries to knock my faith, there is as much proof (arguably more) for the existence of the FSM as there is for any of the false 'gods' that so many heathens seem to worship.