Monday, October 06, 2008

Hands Off

I reckon you should keep your hands off your Sixth Formers. After all, you have been put in a position of trust and to take advantage of that has always struck me as being a bit sad. (Mind you, I wouldn't go anywhere near Chris Keates either. Look at that face; it could stop a clock.)

I can't help but hold a sneaking admiration for Richard Mercer, Head of Edensor College trying to wangle a jolly for his staff in Marbella last week. There's never any outcry over the thousands of pounds wasted sending people on daft courses throughout the year. If only he'd had a bigger pair and not backed down...

I do like this story though


Anonymous said...

We already know, Sir, that in the case of the hash cakes there was no formal complaint received.

Rumour has it that an informal complaint WAS raised. It centred on the fact that with these girls gone to another school, the staff would get no more hash cakes.

Anonymous said...

I went to an all girls grammar (do you remember back that far, Frank?!) and you should have seen the number of girls who went out of their way to act provocatively towards the very few male teachers. I can remember that at the time I felt sorry for them. A lot of people ought to take it on board that it isn't just "predatory" male staff, but up-themselves girl teens that chase the male staff.