Friday, October 03, 2008

Cane Dwayne

22% of Secondary Teachers would support a return of the cane in extreme circumstances, according to a recent survey. (The other 78% saw no reason to wait for the extreme circumstances)

I only whacked a handful of kids in my time (mainly because the practice had been banned two years before I started work) but it's one of those ideas that appeals greatly after some obnoxious wretch storms out of your classroom swearing at you as he leaves. (ie every lesson in many inner city schools)

The reality of course is that only the nice kids would actually stick their hands out to get whacked. The bad ones would just tell you to F*** off and then we are back to square one. (Shortly afterwards their equally wretched parents would storm into school, summoned by mobile phone; to bang on the Head's door, shouting and raving moronically). That's one reason why a smaller percentage of Heads support the idea. (The other is that to get promoted to the top in schools you usually have to be a wimp with more interest in Diversity than Discipline).

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Anonymous said...

Use baton rounds. You can remain seated and hit Dwayne whether he comes forward or not.

Anonymous said...

Dwayne may well have a big brother who fears neither teacher or police.

Anonymous said...

And why would he.
When I've told kids from Y7 up that I was slapped/rulered/caned/board-rubbered on a monthly basis at school, their look of blank astonishment is always followed by "Why didn't you hit her back? - I'd take the cane off her and break it in half - Why didn't you ring your Mum" - type comments. The implication is that I was some kind of half-arsd wimp and my parents were worse than useless. Nowhere did my wrong-doing enter the equation.

The past is a different country and we won't be travelling back to it.

Anonymous said...

If any teacher struck my kids with a stick I'd end up doing time. If anyone's going to be hitting them it'll be me.

I was caned at school by teachers with hangovers or bad moods or even because they'd had a row with their wife that morning before school.

Teachers are not child beaters and shouldn't be asked to become them.

However, I accept that discipline is a major problem in todays schools and needs addressing. I just can't share your view that caning would provide an answer.

Anonymous said...

Teachers are not child-beaters? I don't feel the need to beat every child I come into contact with but would gladly thrash a number of "young adults", yoofs or teenage thugs, as you will, out of disgust or in an attempt to modify their behaviour where kindness and decency has been laughed at.

Corporal punishment may in many ways be a bad thing; but it is way better than the present alternative, which is nothing.

Anonymous said...

A lad who used to work door for me was a primary school teacher in his day job.

Deceptively fat (22yo & 22 stone) it wasn't until troublemakers got him riled and saw the glint in his eye that they knew they had bitten off more than they could chew.

When underclass parents (who otherwise took no interest in their child's education) came storming into the school threatening violence in retaliation for their little demon being given lines/detention/whatever....

... he would point out that the school was "government property" and that his hands were tied as regards violent confrontation.

... however, if the irate parent would care to "Just hop over the fence onto non-school property so I can snap you in half, then we'll come back inside & talk about whatever problem you have with how Bono/Sting (or whatever first name) is being taught"

Anonymous said...

"One Hit equals a Thousand Words"

(My first rule of education)

Anonymous said...

I agree with previous anon.

I wouldn't like to hear of any of my own children being caned by their teachers, therefore I can't really support it being brought back into schools even when i am really vexed with cheeky kids who take great pleasure in winding teachers up, and flouting the rules.

maybe we should cane their parents instead?