Tuesday, October 21, 2008

60 Per Cent; how much is that, then?

The press are having a field day once again just because lots of trainee teachers can't spell or do a few easy sums.

You can have a go at the grandly titled literacy and numeracy tests here. Pen and paper may be used for the numeracy test, but despite what the Times might think; you only get four choices of spelling to help you in the literacy test if you are deaf.

Prospective teachers have to get 60% in each test, but can retake them as many times as they wish, until they have exhausted all possible combinations of answers.


Anonymous said...

Not exactly taxing, are they. The "spelling doesn't matter, just be creative" generation are so arsy about their deficiencies, I can't resist marking their memos, letters and worksheets in red biro and sending them back.

Anonymous said...

"Multiply 6.03 by 100."

Followed by a spelling 'test' less demanding than typing word verification. Deeply worrying.

Armstrong and Miller are spot on.