Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all. I know this is a bit late, but I've been skiing. If you ever go away with Crystal Holidays, please bear in mind that it appears to be a pre-requisite of their Reps that they are utterly helpless in all situations and unable to speak one word of the local language.

Guardian of Law and Order, and winner of the 'Best Police Inspector's Blog 2007' award Inspector Gadget sent me this article enquiring if it was anything to do with me. It isn't, as the chances of me ever progressing to Head are lower than John Prescott's IQ, but it made me laugh. (Especially where the mother said that she had 'cried and cried')

(Incidently Gadget's book will be out in the next few months and I've heard that it is a cracker.)

I love local papers with their 'Cat stuck up a tree' or 'Mrs Miggins falls over in the High St.' stories. Here's one that strikes a chord though. Apparently they reckon that litter bins attract litter. A cursory glance around Downtown indicates that areas frequented by the Underclass seem to attract litter. (Along with feckless, shell suited lumps) No doubt sociologists would have a field day about 'deprivation' and 'poverty' but how much exactly does it cost financially to put litter in a bin or take it home? There is a cost in effort though, which explains everything.

Schools like St. Thickchilds are knee deep in crisp packets, takeaway cartons and chocolate wrappers. Nobody is ever made to clear it up for a variety of imaginary Health and Safety reasons explained by a Head who has undergone an operation to have his spine removed.

Jumping around a bit, I'm sorry that I missed this story (which is also a bit out of date) I'm not surprised that Santa has fallen victim to the PC Brigade, his days were always numbered and I've never really trusted any man with a beard. No, I'm more surprised that prospective Santas go on a training course.

I'm still only posting occasionally as Dan the Editor is unaware that slavery has been abolished in Britain. Good luck to those of you who are going back to school today


Anonymous said...

OMG! What on earth has happened to this country? When I was a schoolboy back in the early 60s if I got into trouble at school and my parents found out about it, I got twice the bealting from my dad. He never once went into the school to complain. He did, as I remember, on a number of occassions ring the school up to thank them for giving me proper discipline. Parents are becoming wimps. When children are at school that means the teachers are in charge, not the parents, and as such what they (teachers) say and do should stand. It's loco parentis. Parents should be grateful that someone else is trying to help instil discipline, manners and rules into their child, not going into school and question the teachers decision.

Bring back corpral punishment and making children do as they are told without questioning or challenging their elders and betters.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, punishment is one thing, humiliation another.

I wouldn't complain about justified disciplinary action, and would possibly add my own at home. I would however, complain about this head who obviously has the mental age of the kids he's trying to discipline.

Anonymous said...

If my son came home complaining that the Head had humiliated him like this, I'd complain too. I don't see how a disciplinary matter can be handled in a "jocular" way, either - it seems to send out a confusing message.

Alice said...

People should have to take an exam before they are allowed to breed. Maybe a short questionnaire, with questions on how to stop wingeing about being single, or how to stop a five year old behaving like one of the lower apes, and how to stop crying if nasty teacher tells off angelic little brat.

A fashion test would also be useful - anyone in a shell suit is forcefully given to Gok Wan for three weeks.