Monday, January 28, 2008

Well, Burger Me!

McDonalds are offering 'A' Levels? It burgers belief!

Send me some more lines, so I can do a proper post.


Mark Hodson said...

No turning over your all beef patties 'till the exam has started!

On the enclosed diagram of a Big Mac(TM), please mark the following:

1 Lettuce
2 Cheese
3 Pickles
4 Onion
5 Sputum added by the oik in the back

Jerry Verdugo said...

That's a turn in the right direction, I reckon. I mean, in the past they used to be called "Humanities Degrees", which was a bit confusing.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye, Mr. Chips.

Anonymous said...

Do you want a degree with that?

Prof Scrub said...

Dear Fellow McDonald Lover,

I believe this McDegree will only enhance the already awesome McDonald experience. I have recently obtained a copy of the degree certificate.

I'm lovin' it
Prof Scrub

Anonymous said...

Dear God, how many times does it need saying? Unless you want to be a doctor, teacher, lawyer, engineer, vet, scientist, accountant or some high level computer programmer you have no business going to university. We only need degrees for the top level academic professions, other people need not put themselves through it.

of course, since this country no longer produces, or makes anything, there really are not enough traditional working clas jobs (unless we open up one large call centre.) Therefore, in order to hide the true unemployment figures everybody can go to university or get stuck in some dead end skills course.

Thanks Thatcher and the tories for closing down the pits and factories. If you hadn't killed off the industry in this country, we wouldn't need so many Mickey Mouse degrees and schemes. It makes me sick, like the bloody burgers at McDisgusting!

Anonymous said...

According to my brother living in the UK, there's a huge shortage of plumbers, electricians at the moment. A plumber in Glasgow (not even London) cost 60 GBP just for a visit and it's really hard to find one. Why don't they open courses for them instead of Arts courses.

Anonymous said...

My builders who were working on my house in order for me to sell it, ate more Big Macs than you could imagine but they did a good job of the house

Anonymous said...


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