Thursday, January 10, 2008

Economics Lessons

This brat has been taught that you can steal £44 and if you are unlucky enough to get caught then you must pay back £75.

Sounds pretty good odds to me.


Anonymous said...

If the place of the crime was out of bounds to school pupils, does that mean that the staff common room is covered by cctv? Is that routine?!

Anonymous said...

Nevermind paying back the £75 (which I do agree with) let the little bastard have a public flogging too. Like it or not the threat of actual physical bodily pain is by far a better deterant than detentions or lines. A punishment is only effective as long as you are scared of it. One of the main reasons why kids today are so badly behaved is that we don't have strict enough punishments. I'm 68 and I'll tell you two of the main reasons we sat in our classrooms like statues and listened when the teacher was speaking was: 1) the very real and painful thought of getting hit very hard with a cain. 2) the realisation that if our parents found out we'd been in trouble at school, most of our parents would give us twice the hiding when we got home.

Parents today aren't allowed to discipline their children, if they do the child can report them and then the parents will be arrested or cautioned.

I'm sorry but what kept most kids of my generation out of serious trouble like what you see nowadays, was the fear of having punishments which physically hurt. Bring back corpral punishment and go back to when children and young people simply had to do what they were told, whether they liked it or not and then maybe they might actually learn something.

I feel sorry for teachers today, they have their hands tied.

Anonymous said...

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