Thursday, January 10, 2008

English Lessons

Whilst I wish Mrs Gorman had been my English teacher, I can't help but wonder whether the punishment have been different if she had been male and the Sixth Former, female? Perhaps Mr Caudle-Wood can tell us? (When he gets out)


Anonymous said...

I know one should be utterly condemning this woman and the whole situation etc etc but, like you, all I can think is 'Bugger. Why didn't this happen to me?'

Anonymous said...

Come on people what's the big deal? You ask any teacher, or ex teacher over a certain age and they will tell you that a large number of them or their collegues, ended up marrying their sixthform students. It used to be a common thing. And there is nothing wrong with that. Furthermore, I can recall about 7 or 8 ex collegues of mine dating and being engagged to one one of their sixthform students. All of them were called into the heads office, not for a warning or to be interviewed by the police, but simply so the head could congratulate them and offer them advice on setting up joint bank accounts and such like.

The problem is that we have become so P.C and protected in cotton wool that we've lost all common sense and get hysterical at the slightest little thing.

As long as both parties are over the legal age of consent, whether the teacher is supposedly in a position of trust or not, simply let them get on with it.

Infact, the only bad thing about this is that the teacher in question was married, it's her husband I feel sorry for, poor bloke.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said: 'Bugger. Why didn't this happen to me?'

Ditto, except for 'bugger'.

Anonymous said...

Caudle-Wood was an absolute monster and as a former pupil i can tell you that he was no ordinary man, im pretty sure he was smacked up on heroin most of the time, if you knew what he was like as a person you would not feel a shred of sympathy towards him.

Anonymous said...

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