Monday, January 21, 2008

Country Ways

Herefordshire County Council have backed down on their plan to close or merge 37 schools across the County, probably due to much protesting by the locals. I'm not going to pretend that I know a great deal about all this, but I do know one thing.

As a general principle, smaller schools are better for kids than massive schools. In small schools, the teachers know every child and a fair number of the parents. In a big school the children are simply statistics.

However big schools are cheaper so that usually ends the argument.


Anonymous said...

"principal" ?

John Hemming said...

Secondary schools without at least a 3 form intake have difficulties offering a range of subjects.

Dr Sharon Mengele said...

The goings-on in Herefordshire are of national interest and importance.
The Education Department under duress from Whitehall tried to impose its will on the population and the population rebelled. In one town one third of the entire population attended an evening meeting. I think we would have seen widespread civil disobedience if the situation hadn't been reversed. The main thing that angered folk was the way school Heads, parents and governors were completely sidelined in the planning process and treated with derision.
I think the rebellion against central control is gathering strength - not just in schools.

Anonymous said...

If there is a rebellion against central control, where can I join??????/

Dr Sharon Mengele said...

Start off by leaving a comment on my blog

Boy on a bike said...

How do you define a "big school" and a "small school"?

My school had about 600-700 students, which meant that not only did every student know the name of every other student, but the teachers knew who everyone was as well.

Did I go to a small school, middling school or big school?

Anonymous said...


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