Sunday, January 13, 2008

Doctor Who?

This article alleges that:

The bogus Irish International University (IIU), which offers sub-standard and worthless degrees, has been allowed to flourish in the UK - virtually unchecked by the government - for the last seven years'

Basically, they rip off a load of foreign students and give them a bit of paper which will make an employer double up with laughter. Shouldn't we be encouraging this? Most former Polytechnics have been busy offering sub-standard and worthless degrees for years. Cultural Studies anyone?

Prof. Frank Chalk (Dr. of Letters)


Mousie said...

Of course this sort of thing should be encouraged. And heavily subsided by the government too.

How else would I have ever qualified as a nurse without St Thickchild's polytechnic?

Anonymous said...

To change subject, how long do you all think it will be before UK teachers are issues with these (see story in link below)?

About six months, I would hope!

Ranting Teacher said...

This kind of thing was good enough for "Dr" Gillian McKeith, and she's done alright out of it. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

What do you think of this Frank?

Anonymous said...

It won't just be universities that do this. It will become common for public schools to this as they realise there is a huge gravy train of overseas students with cashed up parents to send them to the UK.

It is a win-win situation. The school gets cash for 'educating' the students and the school gets bright academic studewnts that will raise their achievement scores.

The students are than sent back to their countries with a worthless degree and feel good about their accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

Rather odd- I couldn't sleep last night (In Victoria, Australia) and so listened to the radio.
And there you were , at 4AM, going on about your book and stuff.
You didn't sound a bit like I thought you would.

Jerry Verdugo said...

The UK education system has been offering 'sub-standard and worthless' education at a good number of its state schools for many years now. So why shouldn't the Irish get a cut of the action too?!

Anonymous said...


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