Saturday, October 30, 2010

Harriet Harman

As someone who has committed every 'ism' known to Man- sorry 'person', I can't help but think that it's a bit rich for Former Equalities Minister and general disaster Harrriet Harman to call Inverness MP Danny Alexander, a ginger rodent.

Would she have made a similar comment if he had been black, Asian or disabled? Many of my closest friends have met people who have had ginger families as neighbours and they are no different to normal ones.

Let us stand shoulder to shoulder with our copper cousins and condemn Harriet (whom you may notice, has grown stronger and more confident as we approach Halloween).


Anonymous said...

If anything, Danny Alexander looks like a confused goldfish, especailly in that picture.

rippon said...

I suspect that Harman is very happy to ‘apologise’ for the rodent comment, because the punch has already been successfully landed: she has voiced (quite humorously) what many people across the country are thinking – that the LibDems are rats for betraying everything they stood for.

By ‘apologising’, she can now appear magnanimous in addition to successfully tarring Alexander with a fitting caricature (‘rat’).

(Similarly, the cartoonists are quite successfully caricaturing Clegg as Cameron’s shoe-shiner/bag-carrier.)

Anonymous said...

Many of my closest friends have met people who have had ginger families as neighbours and they are no different to normal ones.

the above statement is no more helpful than Harriet Harman's comment. Why would anyone feel the need to point out that people with red hair are no different to "normal" people, implying red hair is abnormal. The best way to deal with this woman's stupid, degrading comment would be to ignore it altogether

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above,

It's called humour, Frank uses it occasionally.
Believe it or not, one of his friends is of the copper coloured variety and he even allows him inside his house(though he hoovers up immediately afterwards).

He certainly doesn't call rude and abusive names like rodent.

Anonymous said...

We need Spitting Image back. Remember tiny David Steel sitting in David Owen's pocket? I can just see a tiny Nick Clegg possibly done up as a poodle trotting after David Cameron (whose face could be a ham).

Dack said...

Dave and baby Clegg?

NorthernTeacher said...

As a now slightly greying ginger haired (or strawberry blond - name of colour preferred by my mother) female with Irish roots (pun intended), I believe the redheadedness in me in me provokes my 'occasional' bad temper. Redheads are known for such a trait, so HH ought to watch out!

Anonymous said...

Red Heads apparently originate from a geographic location in the same way as skin colour. Therefore Harriet Harman was being racist in my opinion to a historically persecuted ethnic minority.

As someone bullied for my Ginger hair as a child I say: 'stand tall, be proud, be ginger'!

Anonymous said...

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