Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Apprentice

Which of the hopeless unemployables on the latest series of 'The Apprentice' would you most like to throw off a high building?

A) All of them
B) All of them


jaljen said...

On balance and in the interests of fairness I'll opt for B.

marc said...

Why all this talk of fairness, nowadays this seems to me to be the bringing down those who have worked for it to the level of those that haven't.

Fee said...

Well, it's a tricky one, but I'll plump for option A.

The words that sprang to mind over and over again were "annoying" and "idiot".

Dave the Dog said...

Can I suggest option C. : All of them?

Anonymous said...

Frank is this one of those GCSE multiple choice questions. Never could figure out the right answer, so go on then what is it?