Monday, October 04, 2010

Charter Schools

If you've got a few minutes, have a read of this article about the Charter Schools in New York. They demonstrate just how much State Education can be improved with the right mindset and without the need for any more money.


Anonymous said...

Chalk - have you seen this?
Kind of proves what we have both been saying for years. Watch the video, you will be cross! Liked the Head's views, thought the Inspector was pathetic. Ho hum.

Anonymous said...

The unions are running scared of charter schools. As more and more are successful it puts the unions in a position to try to explain why students from charter schools are outperforming students from the regular public school system with less money and less resources.

My daughter attends a charter school. In order to keep her place there parents are required to volunteer at least 30 hours per year. With the unions out of the way and all the progressive mandates and bullshit gone, teacher accountability and parental involvement make all the difference.

It still isn't perfect and within the last couple of years I've changed my mind and now support vouchers for private schools. Only for the reason to break the power and monopoly of the unions and allow for more competition in education.


Gulen is a Fraud said...

Publicly funded yet privately managed – Charter School fraud is an easy concept. Charters can be succesful it depends on the “agenda” of the the managing company. Accountability has not caught up to the growth of the Charter movement. In the USA we have an Islamic Imam – Fethullah Gulen (Gulen Movement) that manages over 130 US Charter schools they have taken over $1 billion in Educational monies in the last 10 years and are growing like rapid fire.
The Gulen schools have a network of foundations and instutitions layered over the schools and much of our educational money is going to non-educational expenses such as: Turkish Olympiads, trips to Turkey for the students and local politicians, H1-b Visas of over 2,000 uncredentialed teachers from Turkey (while American teachers are handed pink slips) this money is to fuel the grand ambition of Fethullah Gulen who lives in exile (for a reason) in the Poconos, PA area with his $25 billion in wealth from inflitration in: education, media, police, poltics and military. Seems the same model works very nicely in the USA. Do your research!!!