Thursday, October 01, 2009

Martin Henderson

Future Archaeologists will no doubt be astounded when they find the remains of Martin Henderson, Head of Westmorland Primary School in Greater Manchester. Unique amongst the Headmaster species, he appears to have a spine.

He has had enough of wretched parents swearing at their offspring and each other on the school premises. He has declared that from now on, anyone doing so will be told to leave.

Now whether he does actually do this; or whether some Human Rights organisation decides to stand up for the rights of the Underclass to express themselves freely, remains to be seen.

For now however, he deserves to be our hero of the day.


Anonymous said...

Good on him! Of course children learn language from their surroundings! I remember one autistic girl who couln't speak. But what she could do was stand on top of the playground slide and scream the f-word at the top of her voice. That ws the ONE word she knew. What does that say about her parents?

Lilyofthefield said...

I vote for him.

The Right Side of 60 said...

Carol Dallas, another hero

Anonymous said...

From Chris's link about rigid enforcement of school uniform: "One parent who received [a] letter last week said she thought the system was a waste of time. She said: 'I think it's absolutely pathetic. Have the teachers got nothing more important to do?' "

They are trying to instil self respect and discipline in their pupils. No they don't have anything more important to do.

Anonymous said...

The only pathetic here is the pathetic parent who doesn't seemed to understand the importance of instilling discipline and self-respect into children.

How can any right minded parent object to a school saying; 'We have a uniform policy; we expect your child to turn up to school looking smart, and wearing his/her uniform correctly" ?

This story sums up that half the problem with our youngsters stem from a poor education system that ties itself in knots over 'Children's rights', and emphasising the teaching of vague airy ideologies over rigorous acadmic knowledge, and sees discipline as something akin to child beating.

When someone whose brave enough to challange this shibboleth puts their head above the parapet; the pathetic parents brigade come out to play; i.e. the other half of the problem with our youth: Mard parents who think somehow the rules shouldn't apply to little Jane or Jamie: Get a grip please!

No doubt these same parents will sceam and inveigh loudly if their little darling is mugged or assaulted in the street by a gang of unruly yobs, yet somehow they don't get the connection!!!!

Anonymous said...

At our local primary, we need to employ staff to deal with "incontinent" kids. Those kids where their mothers are too idele to potty train them, stick them into pull-up-pants, these kids can[t use any cutlery, eat with their fingers.
i see more and more parents in restaurants (with toddlers), toddlers in kids' high chairs, and the food is just spilled onto the high-chair-tray. No plate, no spoon, no knife. The eat with their hands. How long until parents will just shove a bowl next to the pitbull's bowl, and the kids have the family meals with the pets? Why do people bring their kids up like animals?

Lilyofieldfthe said...

Because they are very very lazy, and if you tell them so they will punch your lights out.

EnglishTeacher365 said...

Such wonderful products of the welfare state! I bet nobody had this scenario in their mind when they made the move after WW2 to introduce the sweeping welfare reforms that have changed our society so much over the past 50 or 60 years.

I'm all in favour of working to reduce material poverty. But it's the failure to deal with a lot of the moral poverty that results from giving people free money, and letting them sit on their arses all day, that worries me most.

Any solutions out there?

Anonymous said...

Another thought I had on this shortly after making my original post (Anonymous 21:37):

The parents doing the objecting are probably only concerned about one thing; falling out with their little darlings i.e. having to do some parenting for a change!

There can't be, and aren't any sensible objections to what Martin Henderson is trying to achieve, or the manner in which he is going about it.

Certainly when I attend senior school in the late seventies early eighties I wouldn't have been allowed out of the house looking the way some school children do now. The same goes for my wife who left school in the mid-eighties.

Back then parents made sure their children left the house looking smart; the school equally made sure that's how they looked when in school; it was taken as a given.

Nowadays discipline is a dirty word in schools; this also allows many parents, such as the Pathetic parents, to sidestep their responsiblilies as parents.

They don't want the hassle of arguing with John or Jane first thing in the morning over the length of school skirts or ties; tough! It's called parenting you useless individuals.

Whats more; they don't want to have to come out of work to deal with their offspring's refusal to obey the school rules.

What are these parents going to do when John gets a job in which he has to wear a corporate uniform correctly i.e. a bank. Is Mrs pathetic parent going to fly down to the bank and tell the manager the rules don't her apply to her little darling, better yet is she going to tell him 'his focus is all wrong?'

Once the genie's out of the bottle, it's very hard to put it back. I admire Martin Henderson, but he faces an uphill battle.

Anonymous said...

And, of course they all know their 'uman rites.

Anonymous said...

I blame Gordon Brown and the European Union.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 08:45. I was horrified to hear my 5 year old say the same word in front of several other parents, she'd heard it from another child. It's not always the parents at fault.

phatboy said...

How many human rights organisations have you actually heard mention the rights of chavs to swear in public?

I'm a member of Amnisty and so far I've yet to be invited to the campaign for the feedom of chavs to act like pricks... have been asked to help with people facing death following unfair trials abroad... and with prisoners being tortured by allies of the UK. But, so far, have never been asked to help with the chavs.

adipex said...

Well Martin was a realist. His wife had a problem with health.

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