Monday, October 12, 2009

Law and Order

Here's two examples of recent incidents which say a lot about the state of Law and Order in this Country.

In the first, two men take the Law into their own hands with the result that a couple of yobs receive a well deserved beating. (I love the way the man in the black dress carefully retrieves his handbag after delivering such a great punch). In the second, a family is driven up the wall after they do the correct thing and call the Police after their car is vandalised.

The motto: I'll leave it to you to decide...


Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that I should wear a dress?

Anonymous said...

The first story warms the cockles of my heart. The second just reinforces my view that the Police are useless, Councils are even worse and the legal system is simply designed to keep criminals out of jail at any cost.

Lilyofthefield said...

We have gun laws in this country to protect anti-social scum from the likes of me. If I had been able to lay my hands on a gun two years ago, I would almost certainly have attempted to disfigure or injure the stdents who laughed at our requests that they desist from recreational screaming between the hours of midnight and seven a.m. four nights a week.

Reading the second story makes me wonder how that poor woman resisted buying a gun and picking them off as they threw eggs at her house. One by one. Laugh now, scum. Can I hear your parents not caring?

Callum said...

Apopros of nothing, why do you use so many Capital Letters?

I have noticed that you have capped up the initial letters of things like Supply Teacher, Tax Return and Classroom on your blog, all in the middles of sentences.

It's a bit Random.

Excellent blog otherwise. And I've bought your book (sorry, your Book) already, so don't worry about that

Lilyofthefield said...

Perhaps he is Herr Kreide. Had you thought of that? No? I thought not.