Saturday, October 31, 2009


Sorry about the lack of posts, I've been away for the last week and have just returned in time for the annual festival of Licensed Begging, otherwise known as Halloween.

I have just been reprimanded on my doorstep by an anxious parent, because my ill behaved dog escaped my clutches, chased their child and apparently "frightened 'im! " I thought the whole idea of Halloween was to be frightened, but maybe I'm behind the times. Mrs C apologised for my grumpiness and gave them some sweets.

I had to laugh at one little boy, who had clearly misunderstood the nature of the event and had come dressed as Guy Fawkes. I gave him a carrot; kids eat too many sweets nowadays.


Kimpatsu said...

You monster, you, Chalk.
Next Thursday, you can sit the kids on a bonfire and burn 'em all to death.

Inspector Gadget said...

Ah Halloween.

Having previously ignored St Georges Day and being about to ignore Remembrance Sunday, the nations children and parents suddenly find a sense of national tradition, and rush about demanding sweets on Halloween.

My answer on the doorstep is simple.

"Show me your poppy and you can have some sweets".

I was particularly proud of how grumpy I was at our neighbours Halloween party, refusing to dress like something from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and generally wishing I wasn't there.

Ban it.

TonyF said...

Why do we import such rubbish from Spam land?

I like IGs poppy idea. I shall use that one next year!

As for trick or treats, I believe sprouts dipped in chocolate are suitable, as they tick both boxes.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr Chalk, next year have your dog wear a "scream" mask, and then they won't feel so intimidated.
I was seriously considering picking up some dog poo and wrapping it up in tin foil and stiking it into the local laouts' halloween bags, whould they come around.....didn't do it...see how they behave this year. there's always next Halloween to look forward to.