Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lock 'em Up

I cheerfully plead guilty to locking at least half a dozen pupils in cupboards for being a damned nuisance on various occasions during my time as a teacher. It was a quick and effective way of dealing with them and enabled me to get on with teaching those who wished to learn something.

Spare a thought for this chap, then

Once I even forgot about one of them, left the room at the end of the lesson and had to hastily return fifteen minutes later to let him out of my stock cupboard. (To the horror of the teacher who was teaching French in my classroom)

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Geoffrey said...

We were never locked in cupboards at my grammar school, in fact, letting us anywhere near the inside of a cupboard was a bad idea. Cupboards contain stuff. I remember going in one where there was a box full of counters (like pressed tin badges, minus the pin). Loads of them. Make a right racket when rolled on the floor.

But they didn't need to lock us in cupboards because they were still allowed to whack us. Or throw things at us. One boy was on the receiving end of a board rubber, the bent three inch nail used to hang it from its hook caught him on the forehead and gave him a rather nasty cut. His parents were satisfied with the explanation that being hit by that particular part of the rubber was sufficiently improbable that no teacher could reasonably have been expected to have taken the possibility into account!