Monday, October 05, 2009

Hide and Sikh

Just in case there is anybody out there who doesn't think that our Country has gone stark raving mad, have a read of this story where Gurmeal earns a quick £10 000 for not wanting to wear a helmet during riot training.


Anonymous said...

"Pc Singh said he suffered panic attacks, stress and palpitations and had to go off sick from work over the issue during a long-running dispute with his employers."

Just the sort of person you want policing a riot.

Anonymous said...

This kind of thing gets me so bloody mad! Sorry, but if his turban is getting in the way of his wearing the right kind of uniform (which when all is said and done is for his own bloody protection) then he should not be doing that job.

I'd be willing to bet that if they had told him that he didn't have to wear the helmet because of his religious views, and he got injured, he'd have sued them anyway.

Honestly, you have to make a choice of which is more important your religion or the rules of your job. If it's your religion, then find another bloody job. You can't have it both ways, and neither should you expect your employer to accomodate your religious needs.

Political correctness gone mad!


MarkUK said...

I know it's unacceptable under H&S law, but constable Singh should be able to ssign a disclaimer not to sue GMP if he's in a riot wearing his turban and he gets injured. (Suing the scrote who injured him is another kettle of fish.)

Ian said...

I bet he'll also sue when he gets hit over the turban with an iron bar or petrol bomb when policing a riot.

Lilyofthefield said...

"when he gets hit over the turban with an iron bar or petrol bomb when policing a riot."

Is it very wrong of me to hope that the whiny little chancer gets the opportunity to find out just how protective a turban is?

Anonymous said...

It's the money that riles... not the point. I would just ask him to sign a disclaimer that his religious beliefs interfere with his safety and he can either accept the risk or leave.
Are there sikh officers' in India? Do they wear helmets or not. If not then let him police without a helmet.

The point i have about compensation is that it comes out of a budget that is there for another use. Instead of having mini-lottery wins, the person 'winning' should be offered free counselling for life to get over the trauma. I couldn't begin to think how i could rebuild my life if someone asked me to take my crucifix off...(roll eyes).

Blame the judges, tribunals etc for this state of affairs. How do they reach the figure of £10,000? I got assaulted, shoulder dislocated, months off work, operation to have it pinned, can't play the sport i used to as the pain is too much after.... i got £1,750.

As a taxpayer, i want to know how someone so pathetic could get into the police force in the first place. And we are expected to have trust in the police? I hope my safety is not in that policemans hands.

phatboy said...

Anonymous, there are a couple of things wrong with your comment that have me confused.

First, quantum meruit (aka compensation) is based on a combination of things including the nature of the injury, expenses incurred and (usually the biggest chunk) lost earnings. Now what doesn't make sense is how you only got £1,750. Bearing in mind that a portion of the compensation would have been to do with the injury and surgery (at a guess, £500 - £600) that leaves very little for the months off work. Even if it was entirely made up of lost income its still barely two months wages on minimum wage!

I can't help thinking that you are exagerating to make your point.

I do agree that on the face of it, this seems award of £10K seems insane. I'm not surprised by the officer's reaction to the comments given that whenever I read statements from police officers where they've been sworn at, they ALWAYS report feelings alarmed and distressed by the language!!

ANyway, the other thing that doesn't make sense to me is why we should blame the judges. Let's get this clear... Parliament and government makes the law, including the rules governing the award of compensation. Judges come along and interpret this law.

It does politicians very nicely when people point the finger at judges and blame them for everything that seems wrong in the UK. But, think about where the rules come from... the politicians. If you want something done than start complaining to those theiving sods and maybe they'll stop fiddling their expenses long enough to try sorting things out!

Anonymous said...

I have seen Sikh surgeons remove the turban and put on the usual head cap before operating, without any complaint. mind you that was 40 years ago, before human rights and compensation was around.
This cop should have been awarded a large round sum--£0