Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Footloose, Footloose...

If poor Chenille thinks that she is hard done by, then she should count herself lucky that she doesn't attend Heritage Christian School in Ohio, where they appear to be remaking the 1980s film Footloose (remember that Kenny Rogers jingle?)

Tyler Frost (who looks to be about 30 years old in the photo) has committed the heinous crime of Mixed Dancing and must now pay the price.

I've never been to Ohio (in fact I don't think I even know anybody who's been there) but stuff like this does make you worry a bit about some of the people who are sponsoring our Academies (and getting a say in what is taught in them).

Mind you, I suppose at least Tyler had learnt to read before he didn't graduate.

ps If you are now thinking of sending your offspring there, here's a link to the school website


Anonymous said...

My recollection of the Kenny Rogers recording is so poor that I could have sworn that it was Kenny Loggins.

Anyway, a young 'lady' and an 'educational' establishment have been held up to public ridicule, something that both of them richly deserve.

Boy on a bike said...

Geez, people love to complain when the consequences of their actions catch up with them.

Let us hope the action of the school in this case encourages the younger kids to act a bit better next year.

MadOldBat said...

I know a mother who was indignant that her son was expelled in year 12 for poor behavior after the school formal- the school said it was a school function even if he was in mufti.Mind you he did nick out to the mall to score drugs and in his twerpitude tried an undercover cop. Some schools make it clear that out of school behavior counts whether it is a school activity or not - and if they make that clear it should stand. Welcome back Frank- only those of us who have no readers are allowed to let blogs lie fallow. You, on the other hand, are raising an army of believers out here.lazz