Thursday, May 14, 2009

David Buth

I wish I'd thought of climbing up a tree whilst I was doing Teacher Training. The various loons in charge would have absolutely loved it. (Mind you, some toe rag would no doubt have attempted to cut it down with a stolen chain saw)

I can just see it now. Me dressed up like Robin Hood, precariously balanced on a swaying branch 30 feet up, armed only with a megaphone (and a bow and arrow to ensure discipline). Eventually though, I wood probably have had to bough to pressure from the Head to come down as the kids ran riot below; ignoring my attempts to conduct a Science Practical from my leafy lab. (What the Health and Safety people would have to say about the whole thing doesn't bear thinking about.)

Anyway, Mr Buth gives regular updates on his arboreal adventure here

I just spent my time climbing up the walls.


Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion chalkster but maybe you could ask for stories from your readership about their experiences of teaching. Then you could edit and post them for genreal discussion.

One problem I am having coming to terms with at the moment is the propensity for SMT to allow pupils back into sixth from for level three courses when those pupils have been difficult and disrespectful up to GCSE level. This undermines the authority of staff and encourages the next crop of GCSE students to think that they can behave in any way they want and still get back into school.This lack of discipline within the school then has a trickle down affect and we then have more problems with other pupils.

I agree with the idea of keeping pupils in school because sending them to tech college often doesn't provide them with the sense of structure within a learning community that many of them need. However, in order to push academic standards higher we have to make sure that they are committed to educational aims rather than just their whilst they loaf and cause disruption.

Chalk Face Monkey

Lilyofthefield said...

I absolutely agree. It gets on my wick (and I WISH I had kept the opinion to myself at the Xmas do but hey ho) that teachers who complain incessantly about the behaviour, attitude and non-work of a pupil for five years, then allow him to take a Science A-level on the basis of a C at Dual-Award Mickey Mouse GCSE.

And then complain again when the 15 bums on seats that gave them the oportunity to run the course in September has dwindled to 4 by Christmas.