Saturday, May 09, 2009


Sorry, I've not posted for a while- been doing some work for Chalk Enterprises' Overseas Division, sorting out the import of some rare breed pigs from a small farm near Mexico City. We've sunk all our money into this venture, so I hope it will be a success.

Ok, to be honest I just got fed up of whining about the same old problems in British Education, which lets face it; aren't likely to get better any time soon.

However, when I glanced through my email box yesterday; in amongst a whole load of junk, were a couple of tales which might amuse you.

Here's one from a teacher working in the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire. It's a Cinderella story about a poor girl named after a type of curtain fabric, who cannot go to the Ball. Sour faced mother had spent a Kings Ransom on a 'limo' (defined in the Concise Oxford Dictionary as: a long white motor vehicle which picks up and later disgorges fat, orange people)

You can read more about it in the local paper which seems quite sympathetic to her. The locals who commented seem a bit more down to Earth however.


Fee said...

I got to the bottom of that story without exploding, but only just. The mother should be delivering a stern lecture and appropriate punishment, not tea and sympathy! She also appears to have dipped her daughter in Ronseal's finest whilst neglecting to teach her to take responsibility for her own actions.

Oh, by the way, welcome back.

Margaret English said...

Well done to the school for taking such disciplinary action. The mother should be supporting the school and therefore helping to teach her daughter a valuable lesson rather than bleating to the ridiculously sympathetic local rag in a pathetic attempt for a reversal of fortune for her parma-tanned inconvenience.

Anonymous said...

The paper knew she would get slated - it a cynical move to publish the story in a sympathetic light.
Having said this, the school were right to stick by the rules which had been made clear to the pupils before the event.
How many schools actually DO follow their discipline policies in this way, consistently and without wimping out?

Anonymous said...

If she were my daughter she would now be forced to get some kind of job to pay back all that wasted money. Parents should back the school up to the hilt, not go in all guns blasing when their little darling gets into trouble. It's behaviour like this which undermines teachers' authority in our schools.

Good on the school, I would like to think the girl will now have learned a lesson, but I doubt it.

Also, welcome back Mr. Chalk, lovely to have you writing again, you have been much missed, hope you are well, Sir.

Dave D

Kimpatsu said...

Did anyone else notice the atrocious spelling and grammar of the ten pages' worth of commentators at the bottom of the article?
Food for thought, surely...?

Anonymous said...

Chenille should learn to grovel
together with her Mom
then maybe in the Limo
she would be going to the Prom

Anonymous said...

Tut, tut, yet another example of cruel, vindictive and small-minded teachers who are just out there to RUIN the lifes of darlings like Chenille, Chardonnay, Bacardi-Breezer and Dwaynee. I mean, OK, so she swore to a teacher, what's the big deal, that's what teachers are there for, innit. They are on this planet to be dissed at and hissed at.Good that her dear Ma stands by her and supports her after years of not lifting her voice, let alone a finger or hand, to teach her little precious darling some manners.

MissBHave said...

£300 for a prom dress!! And an average looking one at that. I'm not even planning on spending that much on my wedding dress.

This mother is doing her daughter no favours by defending her on this.

Lilyofthefield said...

Three hundred quid for that frock?????
I just knew the mother would look like that, although maybe a lot fatter. Chenille must have got her good looks from her Dad.